I was looking over the pictures on my phone from this past week and the first thing I thought about was how blessed I am. Also, how much fun I am having living life.

Roxie helped me at the YMC Fair

It started last Sunday when my wife Roxie decided to come with me to take the Q92 Radio booth down at the Yellow Medicine County Fair in Canby. When we were ready to leave she put on her Q92 shirt that she hadn’t worn in a while. She is so supportive of me and the things I do. She could have stayed home on a Sunday afternoon and napped, but decided to spend it with me while I was working. We got to the fairgrounds and she helped me take down the booth in the heat. She’s a real team player.

Dee Dee, Tom and Kris KLQP Radio golf team

Monday I spent the day with friends on the Dawson Golf Course. It was a cool day and that’s the way I like it. The KLQP golf team consisted of me, Kris Kuechenmeister, Dee Dee Schommer and my high school classmate Tom Bornhorst. There are a lot of golf tournaments this year and we believe it’s important to support these events. JMHS has prizes for best golf pictures, so we took a number of creative golf poses and really had fun doing that. Plus, we golfed really well and had some good laughs.

Wednesday the Chippewa County Fair began. It’s one of my favorite fairs. KLQP Radio had a booth to set up on Wednesday in the extreme heat. When I was setting up the booth it was 102 degrees with a 78 dewpoint making it feel like 110! The heat was brutal. I set up the booth in about a half hour and was completely exhausted. I decided to go home because it was way too hot. Thursday was a much cooler day at the fair but the smoke from the forest fires in Canada was really strong. Driving home Thursday evening was surreal, visibility was down to half mile at times on highway 212. You’re asking yourself what does this have to do with enjoying life? Well driving home in the smoke I thanked God for the variety in my life, it’s not a boring life! I’m always dealing with something.

Brian and Chantz Jim’s Market Canby

Fridays means Food Wagon Fridays at Jim’s Market in Canby. I really enjoy this event with Brian McKeen the GM of Jim’s Market. I get to meet so many nice people. Each week a different group in Canby benefits from Food Wagon Fridays. Brian and I broadcast live from the parking lot and also have someone from the group. This past Friday the Canby Ministerium was the group and it started to rain! The pastors prayed for rain and God answered the prayer. It was such a nice rain.

Dan and Cheri and Roxie

Friday night we went out with our friends Dan and Cheri Tuckett. Cheri had heard of this BBQ place outside of Watertown. Dan is a big barbeque guy and has won awards for his famous ribs. We arrived at the Country Road Barn and were surprised at how big the building was. We walked inside and it was amazing. You thought you were in a large barn, beautiful wood and the smell of barbeque was strong and made it a great atmosphere. We enjoyed our meal, I had brisket and ribs and they tasted great. We will be back soon.

Granddaughter Adelyn and her friends

Whenever I am at the Chippewa County fair I always run into my grandchildren who live in Montevideo. They are at the fair everyday! Adelyn helped me keep the Q92 booth neat and tidy when I’m not there. The other day Adelyn showed up with her friends and we did a selfie. I think she was a bit embarrassed, but that is my job as a grandpa to embarrass my grandkids. I did many interviews from the fair booth, but I still struggle with interviewing 4H kids. I am just not familiar with 4H and don’t understand half the stuff they are telling me. So it makes it hard asking the right questions. I guess I better start attending some 4H activities so I know what is going on.

This week was so much fun. Love my family, love my job, love my friends. Enjoying life. Now I get to spend a week of vacation with my wife.

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