Our grandson Zane stayed with us this week, as his parents were celebrating 20 years of marriage in Jamaica. Zane is twelve years old and is an easy going soon to be teenager. I was very busy at work this week and Zane and granddaughter Adelyn were a big help to me during the Yellow Medicine County Fair in Canby.

Yellow Medicine County Fair

I asked them to come help me set up the KLQP Radio booth at the fair. They were ecstatic to help grandpa, knowing full well grandpa would shell out a few bucks for rides and fair food! We arrived at the Exhibit Building Thursday afternoon and they were very helpful in carrying broadcasting equipment, banners and tables from the car to the booth. It took us about half an hour to set up. After set up they bolted for the midway and jumped on rides while I did interviews from our newly set up Q92 fair booth.

Mya Pesek

I love county fairs and visiting with people. One interview I did was with Mya Pesek, she is going to be a 6th grader and is eleven years old. I know her mom Allyson, who is the head coach for the Canby/Minneota Cross Country Team. Our paths cross often during cross county season. Mya loves showing her cows at fairs and she is very good at it. She won Champion Breeding Heifer and Champion Junior Showman. Mya is a very good interview. Mya clearly knows what she is talking about and if you listen to the interview you can tell I don’t have a clue what showing cows at a fair is all about. Mya is very articulate and speaks very well for a eleven year old. Five years ago, I was walking through the cow barn at the fair and spotted Mya, then 6 years old. I didn’t know who she was. I interviewed her right next to her calf. I am looking forward to doing an interview with Mya every year until she graduates. Next year she will be old enough to qualify for the State Fair.

Amy and Gabby Nemitz

I also had a great interview with Amy and Gabby Nemitz. They are a mom and daughter who are on the Yellow Medicine County Fair Board. They both bring a lot of energy to the fair. Gabby is only 21 years old and is the President of the fair board. They both shared on the radio about Gabby being the third generation in her family to serve on the fair board. Gabby’s grandmother served for over 20 years. Gabby and the fair board do a great job. She is so much fun to visit with.


When Zane and Adelyn were done going on rides they returned to the fair booth and I told them we were going to go play Bingo! They weren’t too thrilled about playing Bingo. I got them to go and sit down at the Bingo stand and play a few games. I can’t remember the last time I played Bingo it has been so long ago. Zane wasn’t even close to winning, but Adelyn needed just one more number to be called and suddenly three numbers were called and I had a Bingo! I was like a little kid, screaming BINGO! We all laughed pretty hard. I really enjoy being with my grandkids. I love being a grandpa.

The fair was a blast and having Zane stay with us for the week was great. We made some great memories. The only downfall was the heat and humidity. You all know how I don’t like hot weather. And it was hot! This week it will be still very hot and I have another fair I am really looking forward to. So we will see you at the Chippewa County Fair in Montevideo….and I have grandkids that live in Montevideo. So here we go again, fairs and grandkids go together!

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