We were out of bed by 5am Sunday morning and driving down the highway by 6. Destination was Becker Minnesota, almost a three hour drive. This is the season to watch grandchildren play basketball. We needed to be there by 9am to watch our 6’1, 8th grader Zane play a couple of games in the Becker Event Center. Saturday we were in Montevideo watching our … Continue reading MORE BASKETBALL WITH GRANDKIDS


Working in radio I usually attend the same events year after year and meet and interview the same people. I also take pictures and selfies with the same people. This past weekend I covered the Canby Ice Fishing Classic on Del Clark Lake. Once again I talked with Casey Namken and Dave Verhelst on the radio. I also took selfies with them. I interviewed Ryson … Continue reading EVERY YEAR


I love my family. I sometimes wish we all lived in a monstrous house big enough for all of us. Each family would have their own wing. Something like the living accommodations at the White House. Our kids and their spouses and all our grandchildren and a couple of dogs. We all would eat together at the same times each day for meals and everyone … Continue reading FAMILY