It was a very busy weekend for me. The LqP County fair, Miss Appleton program, football game, family, and work. All my events involved being around lots of people. Reflecting on the weekend, I find that I really enjoy being around people and visiting with them, getting to know them, and learning different things. Working at our KLQP radio booth at the fair is always fun for me, because we get to meet so many people that listen to us. Lots of smiles and laughs over the weekend.

I guess the weekend for me started on Thursday when we set up the radio booth at the fair and I got to cover the Century farms and outstanding senior citizen of Lac qui Parle county. One of my favorite things to do at the fair is interviewing the farm family that is celebrating one hundred years of farming. They are so proud of their family farm. Thursday evening, I traveled to Canby to broadcast the Lancers and LQPV Eagles volleyball match. The Canby people always treat me so well when I come over to Canby. I enjoy visiting with my friends from Canby.

Friday was so much fun. It begins early at the fairgrounds broadcasting Fashionista Fridays with Monica. Monica and I have so much fun with that show. Friday involved many interviews on the fairgrounds with people that advertise with us on the radio. Friday evening brought me to Dawson to broadcast the much anticipated football game between the Minneota Vikings and Blackjacks. RB Clay Field was packed with people.  I was telling people all week that it was going to be a close game and that Dawson/Boyd has a chance to beat the number one ranked and state champion Vikings. I was wrong! 47-0 Minneota wins. I was so wrong!

Back to the fairgrounds after the football game to see the 70’s Sunshine Band. The 70’s band was awesome, but something special happened during their concert. I met up with my daughter, Brianna and my granddaughter, Adelyn who is 10 years old. Brianna left to be with her friends and so it was just me and my granddaughter. The week before we attended the Taylor Swift concert in the cities together, Adelyn loves Taylor Swift. So now it’s me and Adelyn sitting by ourselves on some bleachers watching and listening to the 70’s band. My kind of music, I grew up listening to it, and Adelyn was loving it. We sat sharing a bucket of French fries and lemonade, listening to 70’s music. I wanted to go home around 10pm, but Adelyn wanted to stay. The band played the song American Pie and I enjoyed telling her the story of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the Big Bopper. We went home around 11:30. She loved every minute of it, staying out late with grandpa. It was very special for me to spend some quality time with my granddaughter Adelyn.

Saturday I had the Coaches Show to do, then cover the rodeo. I interviewed three guys that do bull riding! I would love to try bull riding someday! The rest of Saturday was spent in Appleton for the Miss Appleton program. I’m on the Appleton Chamber and they sponsor the event. It was a fun day and a great program. Sunday brought church and spending the rest of the day at the fair visiting with so many people. I guess that is what I love to do, spending time with people.


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