Paul, what is your favorite sport to broadcast? I get asked that question all the time. My answer is football. However, I have my favorite times of the year broadcasting high school sports. Nothing is more exciting than section boy’s and girl’s basketball finals at SMSU in Marshall. Some team will be going to state and that makes it really exciting. I have been blessed over the years broadcasting courtside from SMSU watching teams celebrate winning a section championship and making a trip to state.

I really do enjoy broadcasting each sport. Football is my favorite, but not by much. Basketball is fast paced and it is fun to be in the gym on a cold winter’s night. Broadcasting baseball is tough by yourself, so it is a big help to have someone broadcast with me. Baseball can be a slow moving game, so it’s good to have someone to banter with.

Another question I get often is, what is the most difficult sport to broadcast? I would have to say volleyball. Volleyball is so fast paced; it is hard to keep up with the play by play to give the listener a clear picture of what is happening. I do struggle to find the words to say or the terminology of volleyball. I feel I keep using the same words over and over again. Like kill, serve, assist, drive, hit. I try and use different words to describe the same play. I love the game of volleyball. Five set matches are so much fun to broadcast.

How do you remember all the names of all the players on both teams? People are amazed that I know all the kids playing and can remember names so fast while broadcasting. I chalk that up from experience. You get to know the kids pretty well. I visit with them often. I also do my homework before the game. I study names and numbers while they are warming up. I will talk to myself outloud…”number 24 Peyton Mortenson  and so on.

Why do you get so excited and sometimes scream while broadcasting games? I get that question often and it’s an easy one to answer.  I have a passion for what I do and I want the kids and coaches to be successful. I consider the coaches and student athletes my friends. I know most of them pretty well and I want them to win and do well. I’m just a fan, like the rest of the fans in the stands. I just love what I do.

Sometimes I get questions about my personal life. Once, someone was concerened about my marriage because I am never home. People have asked me questions like, are you married? What’s your wife think of you being gone just about every night? I can assure you and happy to report that I have a very good marriage. We enjoy our life and do many things together. We love each other very much. I do appreciate peoples concern about my personal life.

Why do you cover dance team, or golf or cross country? Most radio stations for some reason don’t cover those sports. I think it’s a big mistake. Those are sports you might not do play by play, but you can do interviews and give recognition to those student/athletes. To me they are just as important as the football or basketball player. I have said this many times, have you been to a dance team practice? Dance team practice is the hardest practices I have ever seen, and I was a wrestler in high school. Dance team girls work very hard at their sport. Cross Country is no easy sport either. Golf is a very mental sport, you have to be strong mentally playing that game. To me these athletes need their names on the radio, they need to be recognized!

What is the biggest blooper you ever made on the radio? What is the most memorable game you have ever broadcast? Who is the best athlete you have ever seen in your broadcasting career? What school do you like to cover the most? How much school apparel do you have? What is your favorite concession food? Who has the best popcorn? Who has the best band? Who has the best concession stand? These are questions that are asked of me just about every year? I very much appreciate all of them. Keep the questions coming, because I enjoy answering them. If you see me in the gym ask me anything you want.


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