Saturday afternoon I was busy watching many high school and college athletic events on my phone and television. Online video streaming of high school sports has been a valuable service during this pandemic. I have been able to watch some of my grandkids play basketball from Montevideo and Wichita Kansas. Since large gatherings of people aren’t permitted in school gyms video streaming has become very … Continue reading VIDEO TIME


I have covered many events over the years for the radio station, but this past weekend was maybe the coldest event ever! Saturday was -3 with a wind-chill of -24. I never thought I would have so much fun covering an ice fishing tournament in such cold. So many smiles on parents and children’s faces. We are some tough Minnesotans! The Canby Sportsman’s Club and … Continue reading PAUL ON ICE


Maynard and I enjoyed visiting with everyone Sunday afternoon during KLQP Radio’s 38th Anniversary drive-by celebration. KLQP hit the airwaves 38 years ago today in Madison. We usually invite our listeners into the studio to celebrate with coffee and cookies, But this year, because of the pandemic, we decided to have a drive-by with apple cider and cookies. It was a big hit and fun. … Continue reading 38


It is my wife’s birthday today and to be honest she doesn’t get excited about celebrating her birthday. It’s not that she doesn’t appreciate birthday wishes from family and friends she does. She is an introvert and introverts don’t like to be the center of attention and birthdays definitely make you the center of attention. I am an extrovert and you can about imagine how … Continue reading FIRST KISS