On the drive home from Minneota the other night after the boys basketball game with Dawson-Boyd, I was thinking about Logan Sussner of the Vikings who reached a milestone during the basketball game scoring his 1000th point in his career. Logan is only a junior, so he has another year of playing high school basketball to add to his career total. I enjoyed celebrating this milestone with Logan in the postgame show.

For a high school boys or girls basketball player scoring 1000 points in your career is a big deal and a goal for most basketball players. A few weeks ago I had another radio sports broadcaster tell me that it isn’t a big deal anymore to score 1000 points. He said it is happening more often, and basically everyone is doing it now so it’s not really a big accomplishment! This really upset me for some reason.

My response to that statement was “Obviously you never played basketball” I totally disagreed with him and let my feelings be known to the much younger and mislead broadcaster. Scoring 1000 points in your career is a big deal. First of all, the player doesn’t score that many points by accident. There is a lot of work and gym time that go into accomplishing that feat, along with other circumstances. You need good teammates around you.  I would say the player would have to avoid injuries and be a consistent player for at least three years.

Are kids playing more games than they did years ago? Yes, they are. Are kids brought up to varsity at a younger age? I believe so. Has the three-point shot helped? It definitely has. Scoring 1000 points in a career is more common now, but in my mind it never should be diminished. It is a major accomplishment, and it should be celebrated!

During my broadcast career I always schedule my games when I know a basketball player could be reaching 1000 points. I want to be there when it happens and watch the celebration in the gym from teammates, fans and the player’s parents and family. I have been blessed over the years to see celebrations of players scoring 1000 points and even 2000 and believe it or not 3000!  Taylor Reiss from Minneota reached 3000 at the state basketball tournament her senior year. Let that sink in a bit, 3000 points in a career! Congratulations to all high school basketball players that have reached this milestone of scoring 1000 points or more! Be proud and we will always celebrate with you!


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