As a sports broadcaster I get to be witness to a number of milestones achieved by student athletes. This past week Lac qui Parle Valleys Camryn Lee scored her 1000 point of her career. In high school basketball that is a big accomplishment and should be celebrated. It was a fun time after the game to celebrate with her and her family and classmates. Many of the LQPV students brought signs congratulating Camryn and I had the chance to interview her on the postgame show. Camryn was all smiles. She has put many hours into the game of basketball and has made the list of 1000 point scorers in LQPV school history. Her teammate Taylor Shelstad is also on the list.

Coach Dylan Erickson had sent me a list of the top scorers in LQPV girls basketball history before the game. I found that list to be fascinating. Looking at the list I can remember being present for most of the games when that girl reached 1000 points in her career. When I got home that night from the Eagles game with Dawson-Boyd I just sat in my chair and stared at the basketball list of top scorers at LQPV. If you read my blog every week you know that I like to reminisce, I like to look back and remember. Reading each girls name brought back a lot of memories for me. I remembered each girl and her team and her teams accomplishments, the coach they had and maybe a memorable game. I remember who their parents are and visiting with them at games. I even remember their grandparents and how much I enjoyed visiting with them. I talked to each of them on the radio, maybe handed them a Neon Needles Player of the Game t-shirt a number of times. So you can see that I also have a lot of history with each student athlete and their coaches and families.

The list also brought to my attention how long I have been broadcasting high school sports. I started broadcasting in 1993 and remember some of the early names on that list. Lots of history and many games. I know I am just talking about the girls top scorers at LQPV, but I wish I had a list for the boys as well and other teams I cover like, Dawson-Boyd, Minneota and Canby. Wouldn’t that be a fun list to look at? I know some very memorable milestones for me was watching LQPV’s Kelsea Lund reach 2000 points in her career and witnessing Taylor Reiss of the Minneota Vikings make her 3000th point at the state tournament. Think about that for a moment, 2000 points and 3000 points in a high school career! That is mind boggling to me and I was able to be present at both of those milestones.

A few years ago I wrote a blog about scoring 1000 points in a basketball career. Most of the blog’s content was about people who had been telling me that scoring 1000 points isn’t that big of a deal. The kids play more games, we have the three point shot and other excuses. I am posting the link to that blog here To me scoring 1000 points in a basketball career is a big deal and should be celebrated.

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