300th BLOG

I’m going to celebrate a milestone today. This will be the 300th blog I have written since I started on December 27 2017. What a life experience this has been. It really has changed me and I am grateful to the people that encouraged me to start blogging.

I looked over my 299 blogs this week and a few of them brought tears to my eyes and a few made me laugh out loud. How did it all start? Well, a few of my friends encouraged me to start blogging. I said no many times because I am not a writer and I didn’t know if I would like it. Why blog? My friends were watching my social media posts everyday and thought it would be interesting to know the stories behind all the pictures I posted. I need to give credit to one friend in particular, Brittany Haugen. Brittany was the driving force behind me blogging. Not only did she encourage me, but she said she would set it up for me on WordPress and get me started. I told her I would give it a try for a month. Well, here we are 6 years later still blogging and loving it. Click on the slide show below to see a few blogging pictures.

I looked over my blogs and read a few of my favorites. I think My Squirrel Friend is one of the best stories I blogged about. I would sit on my patio in the mornings with my coffee and a squirrel would come sit next to me and we would play together. This squirrel became like a pet dog to me. Other blogs that meant a lot to me were Two Days to Remember about my experience covering the LQPV/DB Shadows Dance Team at state winning two state championships! By the way that was my most read blog ever! Tatoo, Easter Eggs and Jesus was another favorite. Remembering Steve O a blog about Steve Bly and his family. My First Kiss, this one is about my relationship with my wife. Many high school sports blogs and family blogs. My favorite blog is What is Happening? A blog about when Covid 19 hit and it shut down the country overnight. I was at Williams Arena covering the Girls State Basketball Tournament and they told us to go home. It was surreal. I could list many more blogs that I enjoyed writing. Click on the highlighted blogs to read them. You also can find all my the blogs on my website https://raymosramblings.com/

I have a few people to thank. My wife Roxie Raymo, she is my editor. She edits my blog and makes me look like a writer. Tony Ourada from State Farm in Canby and Madison thank you for your support over the years. And to you the reader of my blogs. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read what I have written. I have received so many kind comments over the years.

I have fallen in love with blogging. I look forward to writing one each week. It has changed me. I won’t bore you with the analytics of my blog, like how many people read it and all the comments I have received. Just know that if you are reading this I say a big thank you! Cheers to number 300!!

Tony Ourada State Farm Ad

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