If I wasn’t working in radio I think I would like to be a photographer! I enjoy looking at and taking pictures.

When I see a picture that I like, I always study it. I look at what makes it unique and I look at the lighting and details of the picture like colors, brightness, textures and shapes. I also look for emotions in a picture. Is it a sad picture or a picture of joy. I am posting a few pictures that are world famous. I’m sure most of you have seen these.

On a local level one of my favorite photographers is Brian Jeremiason from Minneota. I know Brian from covering Minneota high school sports. He is a very hard worker and is everywhere. Check out his website at www.jeremiasonphoto.com Brian has taken some of the most memorable high school sports photos that I’ve been a part of. I’m posting two of them.

Photos by Brian Jeremiason

One of them happened this past week. It was the last regular season football game with Minneota playing at Dawson-Boyd. Minneota had scored a touchdown with .44 seconds left in the game and needed to go for the 2 point conversion to tie the game up 22-22. Minneota running back Zack Fier took the ball and was heading for the goal line. The Blackjacks Brayson Boike knocked him out of bounds with a big hit before he could reach the orange pylon. Brian was in the perfect position to get the picture. Then another picture of the Dawson-Boyd coaching staff reacting to the big time tackle. I’ve studied both of those pictures and he did a super job of capturing the emotions and moment.

Minneota Vikings at state! Photo by Brian Jeremiason

Another picture Brian took I have hanging on my wall in my office and also on my computer for background, state girls basketball at Williams Arena. Minneota had a thrilling win and Brian captured the Vikings’ bench celebrating the moment they knew they had won the game. So much happiness in that picture. It’s a great picture.

I’ve taken some memorable pictures over the years that I still enjoy looking at now and then. I’ve even entered them at the county fair and won some ribbons. I consider myself a pretty good photographer and would love to turn it into a profession. If you have a favorite photograph please share it with us.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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