This weeks blog will be a picture blog of our vacation in the Black Hills so far. Roxie and I have been to the Black Hills many times before, but this time is special with most of our family with. Let’s get started

In 1979 we took our 1st family vacation to the Black Hills. Josh was two years old when we took the top picture at Wall Drug. 42 years later he recreated it.
My selfie at Mt Rushmore
Three generations Zane, Josh and me
Game night with the grandkids.
Eli loved the rainbow!
This photo made me laugh! Little people!
Lunch time at our lodge
I enjoy early morning and sitting outside on the patio. The smell of pine and drinking coffee is the best
Bear Country
Reptile Gardens
Roxie thought we were to close to the bear
Fun to see what the Dahl brothers from Dawson have created
This was fun
Celebrating Josh’s birthday
My friendly turtle

That’s my vacation story so far! More to come in the next few days. I love my family


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