Things I thought about this week! Random thoughts going through my head!

The Summer solstice happened this week which means we are losing daylight each day. Sunrise is at 5:39 today and sunset at 9:16. At the end of July 6:02 sunrise, 9pm sunset! Bring on my favorite season, winter.

I golfed in the Madison Healthcare golf tournament Monday during an extreme heat warning. The temperature was 98 degrees when we finished. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was tolerable. I golfed terrible and I had just covered the state golf tournament in Becker. My thought was how can these high school kids be so consistent swing after swing and my golf swing sucks and is all over the place.

Another spring storm hit Madison and again the power went out. Strong winds knocked more trees down. Three major wind storms so far this summer. My thought looking at the radar before the storm hit was. ” You’ve got to be kidding, again!” These storms have been so intense.

I got to talk about horses with the Yellow Medicine County Horse Club at Food Wagon Friday in Canby. I visited with Charli and Madison, 8th graders about their horses on the radio. I don’t tell too many people about this, but I have a big fear of horses! I don’t like to be around them and I don’t want them by me! These girls were so excited about telling me about there horses. Charli even looked like a cowgirl wearing shorts and cowboy boots! My thought while talking to them was should I tell them I have a fear of horses? I decided not to for fear of embarrassing myself.

Charli and Madison talking horses with me

Some quick random thoughts this week that made me upset. 1. Abortion ruling by the Supreme Court this week makes me upset because people are demonstrating hate against each other again. Respect other people’s views! 2. Saw a smashed turtle on the road and got upset. 3. Saw the forecast for more hot days. I hate hot weather! 4. While pumping gas I spilled gas all over my leg and shoes. Got really upset!

I was having a bad week, so blogging about it is therapy for me! I’m a positive person and I look at the good and focus on the good, but Satan was working hard on me this week. My mind is always on fast forward and I have a million thoughts each week. I’m taking a vacation next week and looking forward to a relaxing week.

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