It was my birthday Friday and by noon I was exhausted from celebrating. Birthdays are fun, I like celebrating birthdays.

Some of my friends don’t like making a big deal about their birthdays and other friends make it a pretty big deal! Last week I announced at work that I was taking the day off to celebrate my birthday. I was joking of course, I just wanted to to see what my boss would say. I have some friends who do take off work on their birthday. I had a discussion with my wife and she made the comment that introverts don’t like to make a big deal of their birthday because they don’t enjoy being the center of attention. However, extroverts like to be the center of attention and so they enjoy every minute of their birthday. I think she may be right.

Friday I started out my morning with a card from Roxie. She wrote a nice long love note in my birthday card. Over the many years that we have known each other, she always expresses her thoughts so well in cards. Valentine and birthday cards are filled with thoughts of her love for me. I always look forward to getting her cards, she puts a lot of thought into it.

Jody and Crystal

I then went to Dawson and Deb Breberg sang Happy Birthday to me and I was secretly hoping she would have sung it in Norwegian. My friends Jody and Crystal didn’t sing Happy Birthday to me while I was getting my haircut, but they bought me balloons and chocolates. I did get a selfie with them. My next stop was at Jims Market in Canby.

Every Friday during the summer I broadcast live from the parking lot of Jim’s Market for Food Wagon Fridays. I really enjoy getting to know the people from Canby and interviewing the many groups that benefit from serving the food. Jims Market gives them the proceeds from the food wagon. Brian McKeen is my sidekick on the radio and Brian does all the grilling and does a really good job.  This past Friday I had the opportunity to interview some gymnasts from the Country Twisters Gymnastics Club. We had some goods laughs as they didn’t think I could do the balance beam or bars.

When I got back to the office, Kris, Missy and Maynard had birthday cake waiting for me. Maynard sang Happy Birthday to me, but I thought Deb sang it better. We celebrated with a cake from Jubilee Foods. I went out to LQPV and broadcast the football game and appreciated all birthday wishes from everyone.

After the game I went home and collapsed in my chair. I was exhausted. After all I did turn 64! Before I went to bed I checked my social media sites and was overwhelmed with emotion looking at all the birthday wishes from my family and friends. It was crazy. The personal text messages, emojis, Snapchat, Instagram, voicemails, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Facebook. After spending a hour in my chair and reading everyone’s messages it was very uplifting. I am truly very blessed with the best family and friends. This extroverted 64 year old likes to celebrate his birthday.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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