Tuesday night while broadcasting volleyball in Dawson I made a blunder while introducing the starting lineups. It was a very embarrassing moment. It was a moment that turned into a good belly laugh.

Sometimes when you embarrass yourself you just have to own it! Don’t try and hide it but just let people know you messed up and move on. At Dawson I sit at the scorers table with three other people, Janelle, Kassandra and Ashley. We have a fun time while working. Janelle always asks me if I have more fun with them than any other scorers table workers. We have had lots of laughs doing volleyball matches.

I sit right next to Janelle, she does the public address announcing and the scoreboard. Janelle can easily hear every word I say while broadcasting. I was doing the starting lineups and just got done with the Hancock Owls and started on the Blackjacks. First girl starting is Reese Johnson a freshman, instead of saying Johnson I said Reese Witherspoon’s name, the actress! I did not realize I had said Witherspoon so I continued on. I was wrapping it up when I could hear all three ladies giggling, then laughing out loud.

Actress Reese Witherspoon

Janelle never interrupts me while I’m on the air but as I was looking at her she laughingly said “You said Reese Witherspoon”! I couldn’t believe I had said that. All this was being broadcast, the laughing and me trying to cover up my mistake. When we went to commercial break we all started laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. What people don’t know is that Reese Witherspoon is one of my favorite actresses and the week before Roxie and I watched Walk the Line, the story of Johnny Cash and June Carter. Reese plays June Carter and does an amazing job in that role. So, subconsciously I had Reese Witherspoon on my mind. When I saw Reese’s name I substituted Witherspoon for Johnson!

On Thursday night I was at LQPV doing a volleyball match and received a text/picture from Janelle, Kassandra and Ashley from the Dawson scorers table saying that they miss me! It must be boring without me sitting next to them!

Take a listen to the starting lineups and laughter.

I decided to post my embarrassment on our podcast site. The response was surprising to me. Over 500 people listened to Janelle and the girls laughing at my mistake. Everywhere I went this week someone mentioned it to me. It won’t be the last time I do an embarrassing thing but this one I will remember for a long time.

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