I asked a question on Facebook this past week. What is your favorite concert event that you have attended? The response was amazing, I had over 400 comments! I guess people like their concerts and some of the comments surprised me.

My friends list on Facebook consists of teenagers to eighty year olds! We had people that saw the Beatles and teenagers naming musicians I’ve never heard of. Going to concerts isn’t happening right now because of COVID. That is why I asked the question, because I was missing going to concerts. I didn’t get a chance to share my favorite concerts, so here we go.

I remember my very first rock concert very well. It was The Edgar Winter Group at Mankato State. I think it was 1974 and we were juniors in high school, Roxie and I and my best friend Jim and his girlfriend went. It was wild and so much fun. One of my favorite songs at the time was Free Ride. Roxie and I went to many concerts while we were in high school.

Our senior year my Christmas present to Roxie was concert tickets to one of her favorite groups, The Carpenters. They were at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis. Steve Martin, the comedian opened for them. We had great seats sitting in the 13th row. I even enjoyed it. Sadly Karen Carpenter died in 1983 of anorexia.

I think my favorite rock concert was KISS. I went in 1975 and and again in 1977, both at the St Paul Civic Center. I loved their opening. “You wanted them! You got them! The hottest band in the world KISS!!!” When I went to the KISS concert in 1977, I was married and took my brother in law Greg, who was still in high school. We had a great time, I had him on my shoulders on the floor right next to the big speakers. I couldn’t hear for days afterwards it was so loud.

Elton John was another great concert at the St Paul Civic Center October 31st 1974. Roxie and I went with her brother Harley and his girlfriend. Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting was incredible to watch live! I found a cool website and I found the setlist from that concert. You can even play the songs. Pretty cool website.


Concerts are fun for sure. I took my daughter Brianna to Shania Twain at the Fargodome as part of her high school graduation gift. Good father/daughter bonding time. I saw Taylor Swift twice with family members at US Bank Stadium and Fargodome. My granddaughters loved it. It was an amazing technical show! Lights and more lights, they even gave you a wristband that changed colors.

How can I forget Donny Osmond making eye contact with my wife when we were sitting in the orchestra pit just feet from Donny, she turned red in the face. Sha Na Na was a dancing concert! Newsboys and DC Talk were fun with the youth groups. So many concerts, so much fun. I don’t like country music, so haven’t been to a country music concert. I would have loved to have seen the Beatles! I was just a little to young then. I enjoyed reading all my Facebook posts on attending concerts. Great memories for everyone.

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