Santa was in the Q92 studios Saturday visiting with children over the telephone. Listening to the kids talk to Santa was fun. The excitement in their voices that they were actually talking to the guy in the big red suit. Oh to be a small child again.

Some children were nervous and some just screaming with excitement telling Santa everything. Santa reassured them that he knew everything about them and that they had been a very good boy or girl this past year. The hour with Santa went really fast, and poor Santa was exhausted after he got off the phone with the kids. I think Santa had more fun than the kids did. There is something special about Santa Claus. Children see him as a really nice jolly guy and he does good and magical things.

I was thinking of my earliest memory of Santa Claus. I must have been 6 or 7 years old when my mother took me and my brother Greg to the local movie theater in New Ulm to sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what we wanted for Christmas. Standing outside in a long line in the cold and excited to see Santa is a good memory. So many kids were there that day, I remember finally getting inside the movie theater and getting out of the cold. The closer we got to Santa the more nervous I became. I remember asking Santa for a GI Joe grenade launcher. He didn’t disappoint me that Christmas morning, that GI Joe grenade launcher was the best Christmas present ever.


When my four children were little they all called the radio station to visit with Santa. My wife, Roxie recorded on cassette tape the visit with Santa. Josh was 10, Jeremy 7, Brandon 3 1/2 and Brianna 1 1/2 years old. They are all now adults and last year at Christmas we pulled out that tape and played it and it was the best laugh ever! Josh was asking for an Atari and Jeremy a train set and Brandon also asked for a train, Brianna was asking for two babies. Listening to their very young voices was fun and hearing the excitement as they were talking to Santa is something I will always remember.

I think Santa and radio were made for each other. It’s a little different and maybe scary for kids when they meet Santa face to face. It’s easier for them on radio. Looking forward to having Santa back in the studio next week again. Making more memories with kids.

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