I really had a fun week. It all started a couple of weeks ago when I made a decision to not watch as much television, not discuss COVID and politics as much and maintain a positive attitude during this pandemic. Thus my mental state is better. Stay positive!

Thursday I was in Luverne to cover the section cross country meet. I interviewed both LQPV/DB and Canby/Minneota runners and coaches. I was so impressed with all of their positive attitudes. They were so happy just to be able to compete and have some kind of season. Canby/Minneota Coach Allyson Pesek was laughing and crying while on radio with me. Allyson and Coach Shurb of LQPV have such a passion for the sport and love their kids. Positive attitudes from both of them certainly rubs off on their kids. The cross country meets this year have been really different because of the pandemic. Listening to all the kids talk after their final competition in Luverne was inspiring to me. They reminded me that when things aren’t going the way you want it to, just be thankful for what you have.

Alexa and Roxie

It was a nice fall day Friday and Roxie and I had a photo shoot with our friend Alexa Muntean. Alexa just started Alexa Claire Photography in Madison and we were some of her first clients. I picked the locations that meant something to Roxie and me. The swimming pool park in Madison is where we spent a lot of time when we first met. We spent hours on the swing set back in the 1970’s getting to know each other as teenagers. We spent about a hour in the park taking pictures. Alexa had us kiss a lot and hold each other close and look at each other deeply. The serious poses were sometimes hard to do as we started laughing as we looked at each other. It will be interesting to see the photos. It was a fun couple of hours enjoying life during a pandemic.

Friday morning started out fun as I hosted Fashionista Fridays with Monica. Monica Bothun is a good friend and she is one of the most positive people I have ever met. Just being around her makes you smile. Her attitude about living life is amazing. She loves her family and friends and she really loves her work. On Fridays she comes to the studio and always brings Maynard and I doughnuts! She’s a giver, she thrives on making people happy. What a breath of fresh air during a pandemic.

             I surrounded myself with other people who have positive attitudes on Thursday in Canby. I was broadcasting the volleyball match between LQPV and Canby. The two coaches Molly Hennen of LQPV and Jenai Wright from Canby have great attitudes. I enjoy visiting with both of them. Jenai in the postgame show said she loves her players and is proud of how hard they are working. Molly always talks about making sure the girls are having a good experience, creating memories and it’s not all about wins and losses. They both love teaching and coaching.

So during these crazy days, when there is so much negativity around us. Surround yourself with people who show a positive attitude. It will rub off on you. Stay positive!

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