Why is the citrus soda, Sundrop so well liked? Many people love to drink Sundrop, including my wife. People go crazy over this citrus soda! There is a homecoming tradition at Lac qui Parle Valley High School each year, where the Appleton and Madison Chambers of Commerce distribute only Sundrop to the students during Friday’s activities. Not once while handing out Sundrop to the students and staff, has anyone declined this soda..

When I moved to Madison in 1970, I was introduced to Sundrop, which has been huge in our little town. It helps when your local bottling company is the distributor. In the 1970’s when I was a teenager, Roth Bottling bottled Sundrop and I would help my friend Rachel Roth make Sundrop and other sodas. It was hard work stacking the cases 15 high! Great memories at Roth Bottling. My parents bought the Roth home when we moved to Madison and for years we would find Sundrop bottle caps in the basement.

During my high school years, the place to hang out was DeToys’ Family Restaurant! Some of my friends worked as car hops there. We would stop and order Cherry Sundrop with lemon slices and the car hop would bring it to our car. Roxie and I drank a lot of Cherry Sundrop while in high school. Roxie especially liked the Sundrop on ice and for some reason DeToys had the best crushed ice. A lot of our friends drank Sundrop or Cherry Sundrop.

During the COVID Pandemic there was a shortage of Diet Sundrop for a time and people were panicking, including my wife. For a while you could not buy Diet Sundrop, all the stores were out! Some of my friends were having withdrawal symptoms! My wife was on edge for a few weeks and tried Diet Mt. Dew and it just was not the same. I tried helping her and did my best to find Diet Sundrop. Because a happy wife, is a happy husband. I did find a few bottles of Diet Sundrop and I surprised her with them after work one day and for that reason I made husband of the year!

I was husband of the year for getting this

Whenever our family dines at DeToys Family Restaurant in Madison, my kids and grandkids like to order Sundrop in a bottle. They not only like the taste of Sundrop, but it is old school to drink it out of a bottle!. Since I received a heart pace maker in May 2019, I haven’t had a soda, I quit cold turkey. But once in a while I will take a sip of Roxie’s Diet Sundrop just to get my Sundrop fix.

I did some research on Sundrop and found it very interesting how it got its start. Click on the link and you can read about Sundrop

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