This past week I had the privilege of meeting two very incredible women. Brittany Pridal and Natalie Delmonico from Canby. Our visit was short but I came away a different person just from being around them and listening to them. It’s funny how a conversation with someone can change you. They belong to a group that you never want to belong to, mothers who are experiencing grief related to child loss.

I have interviewed many people over the years while working at the radio station. I will be honest, when I was asked to interview Brittany and Natalie, my first thought was I don’t know if I can sit down with two moms who are grieving the loss of their children and talk about this. Who wants to talk about death and heartache and especially the death of a child. Not me! The conversation will be awkward and unsettling for me. Then I was told they would like to talk about a non profit organization they are starting to help other moms and families who are struggling with child loss. I’m all for helping someone, so I said yes to doing the interview. God has a plan

I had a couple of weeks to think about this interview. I had heard their stories from other people about how their children had died. Natatlie’s Cade was accidentally run over by a vehicle at 1 1/2 years old and Brittany’s Braylee had a rare disease and died at 5 years old. Unimaginable, tragic and heart breaking, the death of a child. What was I to say to them? How should I act around them? What questions should I ask them? These were the thoughts running through my mind. I was unsure how this interview was going to go. I then decided to do some homework on the subject of child loss.

I did a lot of Google searches and found some very informative information. I discovered my thoughts and questions are very normal. Meeting Natalie and Brittany at the radio station that day was really an incredible moment for me. Both of them were so gracious and open, but you can feel the hurt they both have, and yet they have this strong passion to help other moms and families that are experiencing the same thing and they want to keep their child’s memory alive so they are not forgotten. I don’t know if Natalie and Brittany saw my paper of notes and questions during the interview but it was full on both sides. I was actually a little nervous to start the interview.


I started the interview by asking them to tell me about Cade and Braylee. I wanted to know what these two beautiful children were like. Immediately their faces lit up and there was an expression of joy as they talked about their children and it was wonderful to see. A couple of things stood out to me during the interview, first Natalie said, “Please talk to me about Cade, I want you to mention his name, I want to talk about him to you”. Brittany wanted to tell other moms who are grieving the loss of a child, that when they are ready to talk, do it! Talk about your child, reach out for help. After the interview was over I needed to give them a hug, which I did.


With Angel Wings is on Facebook, search for it and like it and help Brittany, Jessica and Natalie with their mission to help other moms and families work through their grief. It’s also a way to remember the children. Make their With Angel Wings logo your profile picture for the month of October. Jessica Woehlhaff from Sioux Falls is also a part of With Angel Wings with Brittany and Natalie. Jessica’s daughter Ivy was stillborn. October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month. 1 in 4 women will lose a baby during pregnancy, delivery or infancy. Do you know someone? Visit with them, write a note, give them a hug, say their child’s name.


Since the interview aired on KLQP, along with posting it on social media the response from people has been amazing and overwhelming. Already mothers have reached out to Natalie and Brittany. That is what With Angel Wings is all about. Meeting Natalie and Brittany has changed me, I will no longer fear talking with mothers or fathers who have lost a child. I will mention their child’s name and I will help them. In our brief moment together I learned so much from them. Natalie and Brittany are amazing women. I believe in my heart that God is using them to be there for other moms and families.

Brittany and Natalie

Here is the interview that was aired on KLQP radio Oct 4th 2019

Here is a link that helped me understand child loss


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