In last week’s blog I posted my frustration about wanting to get away for a few days with my wife Roxie but didn’t know where to go. In our forty some years together we have visited most places in Minnesota and South Dakota. Some places more than once. So with this blog I am reaching out to you to help me decide. This was in my blog from last week.

I want to take a few days off of work and go someplace with Roxie. The problem is I don’t know where to go. I can’t decide if we should take a trip to Stillwater or the Wabasha area. We both love Duluth, so we might travel to the North Shore. A friend told us we should try Mendora North Dakota. I could use some suggestions from everyone. My mind is always thinking about this.

Mississippi River

I enjoyed looking at this website https://vacationidea.com/minnesota/best-places-to-visit-in-minnesota.html but like I said we have been to all those places a number of times. I’m looking for something new. It can be in the tri state area. It can be a couple of places, just so its in reasonable driving distance. I need your help. Where have you been?

Just to share a few short trips we have enjoyed over the years together. We camped and hiked around Itasca State Park and the highlight was walking across the Mississippi River on the rocks. In Stillwater we have taken the dinner cruise on the St. Croix which was really a great experience. Something that really surprised us was the National Eagle Center in Wabasha it was really amazing to learn about the American eagle and what they do at the center. That same trip we went to Pepin Wisconsin and the scenery around Lake Pepin was amazing.

Roxie and I are big Laura Ingalls Wilder fans so that is what brought us to Pepin. We visited the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum and it didn’t disappoint. Pepin is the birthplace of Laura Ingalls. Our many trips to Duluth and the North Shore have always been amazing. Brainerd lakes area, even in the winter is fun. Looking at this list, I guess you can say we have been around the state of Minnesota a few times. Its a great state to live and vacation in.

I would love to hear from everyone on where and what you have done for a short vacation in Minnesota or the states next door. I’m going to put up a poll on social media for you to take. If I choose your idea of where to go, I might invite you to come with us, but I would have to run that past Roxie first. Wouldn’t that be fun?


One thought on “WHERE SHOULD I GO?

  1. Roxie just likes being with u! Don’t worry about the location so much…as long as you have quality time together…you are good! ♥️ I like Duluth and northern MN and Brainerd area a lot.


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