Since I can’t shut my mind off I thought I would share what’s going on between my ears. Every once in a while I find myself with too much on my mind! I’m always thinking about things I need to do or reflecting on things I’ve done. So I thought if I write my thoughts down on paper that might be therapeutic and stop the craziness going on in my head. So here is what has been on my mind lately.

Broadcasting high school sports this past week was really fun. Tuesday a very close volleyball match between Dawson/Boyd and YME, going five sets, with the Sting winning. Then Thursday I saw a very good Canby Lancer volleyball team beat LQPV. Friday a really exciting football game with the Blackjacks holding off LQPV 28-25. My mind is still thinking about those three events.

I always enjoy covering the area county fairs for the radio station. This year we had a booth at Chippewa, Swift and LQP county fairs. I still think about all the comments I hear from people while working in the Q92 booth. Comments about how much they enjoy listening to KLQP radio. I often am thinking about the compliments that people give us.

I’m having fun doing a Snap Chat streak with my granddaughter Gretta. We Snap each other every day. Sometimes it’s a short video or an audio clip snap. Gretta usually remembers to snap first. Just writing this now reminded me to Snap her. It is pretty cool to do a Snap streak with someone. I think about Gretta everyday. Maybe I should start a Snap with all my family and friends. My brain continues at fast speed.

I’m on the Pioneer Public Television board of directors and we have a couple meetings this week. I will say it’s my favorite board to serve on. This past week it was announced that Pioneer has been nominated for 18 Upper Midwest Emmy Awards. So many talented people work at Pioneer Public Television in Granite Falls. Sunday night Ken Burns documentary about country music will air. I love being a part of PPT. Some great things happening at Pioneer and my mind is often filled with thoughts about my friends at PPT.

Appleton Chamber organizes the Miss Appleton program every year. It’s a fun committee to be on, but it’s a lot of work putting everything together. We work on this program all year. Saturday night we pulled off another program. This year we only had two girls apply, so we decided to name both of them Appleton Ambassadors. Thanks to Megan and Leila for participating in the Miss Appleton program. Many things to think about leading up to the program.

I want to take a few days off of work and go someplace with Roxie. The problem is I don’t know where to go. I can’t decide if we should take a trip to Stillwater or the Wabasha area. We both love Duluth, so we might travel to the North Shore. A friend told us we should try Mendora North Dakota. I could use some suggestions from everyone. My mind is always thinking about this.

I put new tires on my car this week and did that ever make a big difference driving down the road. It’s amazing how quieter it is in the car. I need to pay more attention to things like that when it comes to our vehicles. The car I use for work is a very good car and gets good gas mileage and it has almost 100,000 thousand miles on it. I am always thinking about when I will need to sell or trade the car, because it use to be my mothers vehicle. So I have sentimental feelings about this car.

There, you have my thoughts what is happening in my head and what I seem to be thinking about during the day. Just some random thoughts for the day. I don’t know how to slow it down and just be quiet! I am not wired that way, but I need to close some tabs!



  1. Have you ever been to Medora, Paul? It is an interesting place, and I never realized that there are North Dakota Badlands! Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in North Dakota near there, too. There are positives to all the places you mentioned, so anyplace you choose to go would be fun!


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