It is a quiet Sunday working the Q92 fair booth in the east commercial building. Light rain and cool temperatures have affected Sunday’s attendance at the fair. I decided to start writing my blog from the Q92 booth since mother nature has decided to be a naughty mom today. I started to reflect on my Sunday at the fair and how it all started at 7am when my family decided they wanted pancakes for breakfast. We had a house full of family come home for the fair.

Grandkids Zane, Gretta and Adelyn. nephew Lincoln

We arrived at the VFW Pancake House on the fairgrounds just after 7 this morning and were greeted by the workers with smiling faces. My friends Missy Schmidt and Cindy Hansen waited on our group. My grandson Zane and nephew Lincoln devoured the pancakes and sausage and I guess I did also. It’s a pleasant place to visit and eat and start your fair day off right.

Sister Susie, daughter in law Kristine, nephew Lincoln and grandson Zane

After our church service at Calvary Baptist was over around noon, I hurried down to the fairgrounds to work in the Q92 booth and I didn’t want to miss the Chord Ayres mens singing group. The Chord Ayres are celebrating 50 years as a group this year and will celebrate next Saturday in Milan. The Chord Ayres are also in the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame, which is located in New Ulm Minnesota. Many people packed the Event Center to listen to this amazing mens group.

Chord Ayres

After the Chord Ayres were done, the acapella group Tonic Sol Fa performed. I have seen them many times and they are very good and put on a great show. They not only can sing but they are funny too. I like how they get the crowd involved. My pastor at Calvary Baptist in Madison, Pastor Eric Spickelmier was in an acapella group about twenty some years ago with Jared of Tonic Sol Fa. They were in the Christian group Go Fish. So it was nice to see them reunited.

Tonic Sol Fa

After the Tonic Sol Fa concert, I made my way over to the Faith Lutheran Church stand for my last beef commercial of the fair. The beef commercial is a fair food favorite by many people. I also have to add a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie with ice cream. I usually don’t eat corn dogs, hobo tacos or foot long hot dogs at fairs. I prefer the church and 4H stands. Great food and reasonable prices and friendly faces.

Bartunek sisters Laney, Sydney and Avery. Annual fair pic!

As I sit in the Q92 booth late this afternoon the fair is coming to an end. I was reflecting about why I like the LQP fair so much and I came to the conclusion that it is about the people. Today I have visited with high school classmates, old friends that have moved away and family. The Bartunek sisters stop by to take our annual picture together in the Q92 booth. I think its going on 4 or 5 years of doing this, they love it and its fun! I really enjoy visiting with my fair booth neighbors, like WD Tours, LQPV school and the Dawson Chamber people. We get to know each other very well over the four days.

Well I better start to take the Q92 booth down and call it another fair. I just am humbled by all the people that stop by our radio station booth and tell us how much they like listening to 92.1 fm. That is what makes the fair fun too. So for those of you that stopped by and visited with us, thank you! Every time I get a chance I will stop a person in the red shirts and thank them for being on the fair board and for putting on such a great fair. I love the LQP County Fair. Until next year!


One thought on “SUNDAY AT THE FAIR

  1. Ha! Thanks for sharing Paul. Brittany told me about Spickelmier in Go Fish and I didn’t believe her so she told me to read your blog… Well I one upped her and went and got my go fish cd “Out Of Breath” and had to see for myself. My mind was officially blown! Lol.


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