I was alone in my golf cart Saturday watching my brothers, sons and nephews golf in the heat at Willow Run Golf Course in Sioux Falls. It’s our annual family golf outing and for the first time I had to sit this one out. I had a heart pacemaker put in last May and have doctor’s orders not to golf this summer. It was very frustrating for me not to be able to swing a club this weekend. I love to golf. This was the 17th year of the Raymo Cup.

The Raymo Cup was started by my son Josh in 2003 as a tribute to his grandfather Carrell Raymo. It was a nice way to remember my dad. In the early years we had a homemade trophy and green jacket given to the winner. The green jacket is to be worn at our family Christmas get together by the winner and it’s called the Carrell Coat. It is similar to the green jacket at the Masters. The winner each year gets their name sewn on the jacket. After my mom died we had a trophy made in her honor. We call it the Rosemary K Raymo Memorial Cup. Mom and dad were all about family, family was so important to both of them. This is one way to honor them by getting together as family and having fun. Check out the Raymo Cup website.

This year I rented a golf cart for myself and followed along. It was still fun watching the guys golf and actually it was a very relaxing Saturday for me. The temperature was in the 90’s and dew points in the 70’s, so it made it hot and sticky. We golfed 18 holes at Willow Run Golf Course in Sioux Falls. Very nice golf course and wonderful people that work there. I found the shade at most of the holes. After the 18 holes were played we sat inside the clubhouse and ate lunch at the Willows restaurant. Having lunch after golfing in the morning is my favorite time at the Raymo Cup, we get to talk about each other’s great shots or poor shots and have a good laugh.

We changed things up a bit in the afternoon. My brother Greg was hosting this year, so he decided to golf a par 3 golf course in Brandon South Dakota, just a few minutes from Willow Run. Every hole is a par 3, which means you can reach the green from the tee box. Hidden Valley Golf Course is 18 holes of fun! We had so many laughs. As we do each year for par 3’s on golf courses, each of us puts in $1 and the closest to the pin each hole wins the money. We had 18 holes of doing that and sometimes someone would get close to the pin and the next person would make a better shot and take the money away. Lots of hollering and jabbing each other.

I have never seen anyone get a hole in one in all my years of golfing. We had just finished hole number 7 and we were teeing up at hole 8. My brother Greg suddenly shouts out loudly “the ball just went in the hole for a hole in one”. Two teenage boys behind us were golfing and one of them got his very first hole in one. I had my back to the green and missed the whole thing. When the boys drove up on their golf cart, they were all smiles and we celebrated with them. The kid calls his dad and was telling him the big news. It was pretty cool. My son Josh came close to getting a hole in one. The hole on the green was extra big for children learning to golf.

Sunday our plan was to finish up at the Marshall Golf Club, unfortunately mother nature said no! It rained most of the morning and we decided to cancel Sunday. Josh and Nicholas were tied after Saturday’s golfing, so we decided to name them co-champions for 2019. It was the first time in 17 years of the Raymo Cup that we had to cancel because of weather. It was nice of the person working at the Marshall Golf Club to open up the restaurant/bar for us so early in the morning. We did the awards presentation and settled up paying the par 3 winners.

That wraps up another Raymo Cup! As I mentioned my brother Greg hosted everyone in Worthington. He has a nice house on Lake Okabena and it was very pleasant going on pontoon rides both nights and enjoying each other’s company. We are Raymos so that means we like to eat, we grilled the biggest steaks Saturday night. Next year it is my brother Jim’s turn to host in the Brainerd area. Fun times getting together with the Raymo boys each year and having a guys weekend. Mom and Dad would be proud!

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