Sitting in a county fair booth for five days to some people may seem like a death sentence or very boring and not a fun experience. I absolutely love it! This past week at the Chippewa County fair in Montevideo I had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people that stopped by our radio station booth to visit.

I really enjoy visiting with people and hearing their stories. I love hearing them say, “We listen to your radio station all the time” or “The oldies music you guys play is great”. I appreciated the wonderful people that asked me about my heart and how I am doing since I received my heart pacemaker. I avoid conversations with people about politics. It was interesting having the Republican and Democrat booths across from me and listening to everyone’s opinions. One thing is for sure, people on both sides are very passionate about what’s happening in politics and the country.

I like to have fun when I’m working, so the other day I walked over to the 4H horse arena to try and find some kids to interview. Why I did this I don’t know because I actually have a fear of being around horses, I always have ever since I was boy. I’m standing up against the fence watching what is going on in the arena when all of sudden a horse appears next to me and I mean right next to me! The rider snuck up behind me and the horse is almost touching me and I began to freak out. My heart starts racing and I start to back away while taking pictures! I’m always taking pictures! While backing away I step in horse crap! My dislike and fear of horses just escalated.

My horse friend

A family was walking by the radio booth when I noticed a girl was holding this cool looking dog. I had to visit with her. I had never seen a dog like this before. His name was Marlie and he’s a Sharpei! I took so many pictures of Marlie it was ridiculous! I was absolutely fascinated by his look.

One of my favorite interviews at the fair was with the circus family. I had watched their shows many times and they are very talented. It’s a husband and wife and their three young daughters and a family friend that make up the Los Moralitos Circus. Johnathan and that is the way he spells his name and his three daughters were on the radio with me. Johnathan is very passionate about what they do, he is a 4th generation circus performer. His oldest daughter who is a contortionist tried to teach me how to do a contortionist move! Not going to happen with Pauls body! She kept laughing at me.

A few funny things happened in the fair booth. I guess I have a reputation of taking selfies. The Fiesta Days Queen Autumn Buseman and her princesses were surprised when I just took a picture of them in front of the Q92 banners and not a selfie with me. So of course I made them happy and took a selfie! I need to start a hashtag #selfiewithPaul. On another occasion a group of teenage boys and girls were walking by the booth and I heard one of them say “Hey there’s the selfie guy” I thought okay, I really need to start that hashtag!

Lets talk about fair food. I ate at the 4H food stand everyday. I found the adults and kids working behind the counter to be very welcoming and they were having fun taking orders and getting the food ready. The prices were very reasonable and the food was great. I had pie ala mode a few times all for $3! I interviewed three of the 4H kids and they had a blast being on the radio.

Spending time with friends in our booth at the fair is the best! So many laughs with my friend Janell, she is so much fun to be around. Hillary and Molly and Brian from CCM Health, Charlie Roth, Laura the princess. Jim from the fair board and many more that talked on the radio with me. Fair broadcasts are the best. It’s Sunday at the Chippewa County fair and I’m not even tired. I guess I get a high and rush from talking with people. Extroverts are like that! I am a people person! See you next week at the Stevens County fair in Morris


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