Let me tell you about my walk to work Sunday morning. I had to fill in at the radio station for Kathy who lives in the Gary, South Dakota area. Obviously Kathy couldn’t make it in to work because of all the snow that fell on Saturday and then the nasty wind Saturday night. Madison received 8 inches of snow, but many communities around Madison received a foot of snow or more. So my walk to work around 7am was very interesting. I have about 5 blocks to walk to the radio station.

Front of my house

I put my bomber hat on and my Q92 coat, grabbed my keys and opened my front door. As I was standing on my front steps looking over my driveway, my first thought was that my snow blower isn’t going to be able to handle blowing the driveway. I quickly scratched the idea of blowing snow and started planning my walk to work. Which way should I go? I was surprised at how much snow had fallen and how the wind overnight had created some huge drifts in my driveway and backyard.

My walk down main street Madison

I stepped off my front steps into snow that was over my knees at times, the most difficult part of my walk was from my front steps to the street. I don’t think I have ever seen snow that deep all the way to the street from my steps. I got to the sidewalk and decided that it looked easier walking to the neighbors and then out on the street from their sidewalk. That was a mistake, so I turned around and decided to take a run at the large drift that the snowplow put in front of my driveway. I did succeed at getting onto the street, it wasn’t easy but I did it.

Madison City crew

Now the question was, which path should I take walking to the radio station not knowing what streets had been plowed. My decision was to walk to highway 40 and take the highway to main street. I got to highway 40 and dawn was just breaking and nobody was in sight. It was an eerie feeling, complete silence. It was a beautiful site, white snow and quietness where usually cars and trucks are humming down the highway. I walked in front of Fisher Furniture and DeToys restaurant, it seemed like I was the only person on earth. Nobody was around.

Piling snow on a tree by the hospital

Then as I approached main street I could hear and see the Madison city crew coming down main street towards the highway. It was a glorious site! When I got to main street I waved at the crew as they were heading south to the fairgrounds. The wave was more of a thank you. I turned north down main street and snapped a few selfies and pictures of main street Madison. I was the only person on main street, no cars or trucks just me. Looking at the historic courthouse down at the end of main street with the sun starting to shine on the building it was a really pretty site with the main street lights on and the white snow. I enjoy our small town of Madison.

Satellite Dishes in the backyard of KLQP

I took a left off main street and headed to the radio station one block away. To my surprise I could see Maynard’s Trailblazer parked in front of the station. Maynard was already hard at work, getting all the postponements and cancellations on the air. How did he get his Trailblazer out of his garage so early in the morning? Maynard says he has connections! I was happy to see him at the station because it took two of us to handle all the postponements, cancellations and weather reports. Busy morning at the radio station and a fun walk to work. Most of you know that winter is my favorite season and walking to work in the snow in my small town was actually very enjoyable.

Madison swimming pool won’t be used for a while

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