I was reading other peoples blogs on my WordPress web site and some of them are really fascinating to read. A certain blog caught my eye, it was a picture blog. This blogger used his pictures to tell a story. I thought that would be a great idea for my blog this week. So here is my picture blog, it doesn’t really tell a story, but it shows what I have been up to lately. 

Little Blessing visited the radio station to record a radio spot.
This is Greg Devereaux camera lens. He does a great job covering high school sports with his pictures

I think this is my favorite picture! Thanks Josie and Shadows for making my day!
Ryson Schmidt thought I needed some popcorn before the basketball game.
Watching grandson Zane play basketball
Grace took a picture of Steve and me at SMSU. Did you know Grace is Minneota Snowball Queen?
This has to be the selfie of the year!! Shadows didn’t think I could get them all in the shot. I did with no selfie stick, just my arm!
Spicer Ice Castle with my love!
I took this picture watching Abby Olson online jumping into a teammates arms after winning the conference championship
Celebrating KLQP 36 years on the air!
LQPV boys basketball team are having a great season. Eean Allpress and Maverick Conn POG
Love this pic I took of mom and daughter celebrating a state championship in dance
Doing the library show on the coldest day of the year!
Josie and Lydia state champs in Jazz
Broadcasting boys basketball with Brad!
Seniors Mary and Jenna
State dance broadcasters Ken and Dee Dee
Celebrating a birthday!

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