I went to a number of graduation parties on Sunday. A common theme that was mentioned by parents was how fast those eighteen years went. That got me to think about my own grandchildren. How young they are now and just how fast the time will go until they graduate from high school. I appreciate the time I get to spend with my grandchildren. I cherish the moments with them. I have six amazing grandchildren and they are all so different and special.

There is no better feeling then when my grandchildren see me and start running towards me with their arms wide open hollering “Grandpa! Grandpa!” Then they jump into my arms or give me a long hug. Each of my grandchildren have done this and I love it. I hope it continues into the teenage years.

Broc and Callie live in Wichita, Kansas. We don’t get to see them as often as our other grandchildren who live close to us. I will be honest, it is hard not being involved in their lives on a regular basis. Missing Grandparents Day at school, sporting events, birthdays and other special moments in their lives is hard. Many families are in the same situation, and it is what it is. I am so thankful for technology because we can FaceTime, but it’s not the same as being face to face.

Broc is our first grandchild and is eleven years old. When we are together, we enjoy shooting basketball in the driveway or playing Madden football. He’s a good kid who loves sports and is very knowledgeable about the NFL. He is on a traveling basketball team and is a very good basketball player. I love watching him play.

Callie is my sassy girl and nine years old. When she was younger I spent hours in her room playing dolls! She has an imagination and an attitude that I love. When she stayed with us two summers ago for three weeks, she loved cuddling with grandpa on the couch. She loves to Snapchat with grandpa now, and we stay in touch just about every day and I love it.

Adelyn is ten and lives in Montevideo. She is close by and we get to see her often. She is mature for her age; we share a love for Taylor Swift music together. I am amazed at all the songs she has in her head and can sing. She always smiles and loves life. Last fall, at one of her basketball games, she told me that I needed to start wearing Montevideo Thunder Hawk apparel. So they bought me a hat and t shirt.

Gretta is five and we call her “Hurricane Gretta”. As you can imagine she is on the go all the time, running from here to there and never sits still. She is fun to be around. She loves to do just about anything. Gretta just loves to have fun no matter what the cost, much like grandpa! I love her laugh and her zest for life.

Eli is the youngest grandchild and will turn two years old in August. He is always smiling. His two sisters watch over him like a mother hen. It’s fun to watch Adelyn and Gretta just love on him. When I walk into his house and he hears my voice he comes running as fast as he can. Papa, papa!! Eli jumps into my arms and then rests his head on my shoulder like he’s sleeping for a long time and is perfectly quiet. It’s strange and funny. Eli does that every time I visit, or when he comes to my house.

Zane just turned nine years old and lives in St. Cloud. Zane is the brains of the family, smartest kid I know. He got that from his grandma, not me. He loves to play games that make you think. I remember last year when he asked me to play a game of chess. Umm…ok… I lost. He is amazing at playing Wheel of Fortune. In fact, all our grandchildren love to play board games, especially with grandma. Zane is big for his age and is growing by the inch, daily it seems. He is almost as tall as his grandma. He is very kind, and always says thank you.

Grandchildren are a blessing for sure. I said earlier I have six grandchildren. Actually, I have seven, we lost one in a miscarriage. I know for certain that I will see that grandchild one day in heaven. I look forward to that moment when that grandchild runs into my arms. I think of that baby often, whenever grandchildren are mentioned. I love all my grandchildren dearly and I hope that I live long enough to at least see all of them graduate from high school.


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