I enjoy reading other blogs on WordPress. Some are really interesting and unique.  I was thinking how can I make my blog more interesting and unique? Lying in bed I was thinking about this one night. I know; this is what consumes me when I’m in bed. I have told you my mind isn’t right! Anyways I have come up with this ramdon thoughts blog, so enjoy.

Who am I? What am I like? What is important in my life? What are my dislikes? Why is my mind like this?

Husband, father, grandfather. Love all sports. Follower of Jesus. Blogger. Love to eat pizza and steak. Love to laugh. Married my high school sweetheart. Always sing in the shower and usually the same song. Germaphobe. Brushes teeth more than twice a day. Extrovert. Love my job at the radio station. Hate gossip. Love people. Wish I had a dog. Looking forward to heaven.

Black is my favorite color. Don’t hunt. Don’t fish. Enjoy walking in state parks. Smoking turns me off. Go to church every Sunday. Football is my favorite sport. College football is better than the NFL. Have great cousins. Was on probation as a teenager. Lost part of a thumb. I have preached the Gospel in Mexico. My grandpa Raymo taught me to drive a car.

I like getting hugs. I like giving hugs. I like it when my wife hugs me. I like it when my kids hug me. I like it when my grandchildren hug me. My coworkers don’t like me to hug them. People always say I smell good. Sometimes I shower twice a day. Old Spice reminds me of my grandpa. I love Old Spice cologne.

Attended catholic schools. Hate watching soccer. Eat out every day. Proud I voted for Trump. Bird watcher. Fear of being in a wheelchair. Look forward to my small group Bible study every Wednesday. Went to Taylor Swift concert. Hate home plumbing jobs. Love Milk Duds. Titanic favorite movie. Beetles favorite group. Going bald fast. Had bad acne as a teenager. Terrible fear of dentists as a child.

Oldest child of five siblings. Lived in Mankato. Alcoholism is in the family. Nicodemus is my favorite Bible character. I have a large tattoo. Enjoy driving. Enjoy traveling the country. Mosquitos are the worst. I have one close friend. I like Madison. I suffer from depression at times. I drink to much Diet Dew. Popcorn favorite snack. Think my wife is the best looking 60-year-old I know.

Wouldn’t want to be a teenager now. Hate the smell of gasoline. Can’t remember the last time I threw up. Wanted to be a priest. I raised pigs with my cousins. Field of Dreams movie set in Iowa is so cool. Nebraska football game in Lincoln is the best college football experience. Had a motorcycle. Mr. Foxwell was my favorite teacher. Enjoy cooking eggs in the morning. Try not to touch railings (germaphobe remember)

If you’re still reading this, I will give you a hug! Just ask for it when you see me.


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