A Different Christmas


Whew! I was really worried that I would not get my white Christmas. Christmas Eve day, my yard had absolutely no snow. We need snow! It is not right to live in Minnesota and not have a white Christmas. I thought about this fact most of the day. Actually it was really bothering me; it just was wrong not to have snow on the ground. It didn’t feel right.
Then it happened. About 4:30 in the afternoon, I was taking a nap in my chair when I was awakened with a loud “Hey” from my loving wife. Startled I responded with a resounding “what?” She informed me to look out the window. To my amazement it was snowing really hard and the ground was becoming white! That put a big smile on my face and, like a little boy, I screamed with excitement. I had actually prayed in church Sunday morning for snow. God answered my prayer and I thanked him!
It was a different kind of Christmas for Roxie and me. We changed things up when it came to our family gathering at Christmas. We decided to get together on December 30th this year. That meant that Roxie and I were going to be alone for the first time on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. I was pleased with this arrangement and enjoyed a very quiet and peaceful Christmas.
We enjoyed our Christmas Eve candlelight church service at Calvary Baptist, then came home and had a nice candlelight dinner. After supper, we played a few games of Yahtzee, which she won, watched the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, and finished the evening by watching the yule log. Christmas Day was much the same; just quiet, peaceful and relaxing. After thinking about how our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day went, I realized this is exactly what I needed. Quiet and peaceful, it was really refreshing.
Now, I am really looking forward to having the kids and grand-kids at our house this weekend. I Love watching my grand-kids open their presents. Having our family all together is important. Most of them love playing board games; not me. If my grand-kids ask grandpa to play, I will drag myself to the table with a smile on my face. I love them.
When we are together as a family. Laughter, maybe some tears, and lots of love happens. Family time is important to us, I’m sure it is to you. I really enjoyed looking at all the Christmas family gatherings on Facebook. Official family photos, or fun and goofy pictures. Facebook was full of photographs this past weekend.
This Christmas was different for me, and it was all good. The best part was the Christmas Eve snowfall covering the barren ground, giving me a white Christmas.


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