First blog post

Well, I’ve had a number of people encouraging me to start a blog, thats right a blog! Are people really interested in what i think? What i do? Where I’ve been? What i eat?
After considering a few things, like I’m not a writer, im not good at speling, my english ain’t good, i also don’t need another thing to do and nobody is going to care or want to read anything i write….so with that said i have decided to jump in and try “blogging”
I like to challenge myself!! And being in radio i always have something to say and i like to talk….perfect fit right? Just type my thoughts on Word and publish! So I still have some things to work out, like how often? Will there be a theme? How long of a blog? What it will look like?…etc. So consider this my first attempt at blogging…would love to have you comment and get your thoughts……be nice!…..please. More to come…


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