I was looking over my Facebook pictures from the past year and reflecting on all the events that I have attended. The family times, sporting events, people I have met and the list goes on. I really had fun this year. I am really blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. It was a good year. It is impossible for me to mention everything that went on in my life this year, but here are just a few.

  1. Released my first blog in April. Amazing new hobby that I have.
  2. Covering and watching the LQPV/D/B Shadows win sections and broadcasting state dance from Target Center.
  3. Interviewed Belinda Jensen from KARE 11 during Severe Weather Awareness Week. Really nice lady.
  4. My tweet that the D-B concessions stand had the best popcorn was challenged by other schools after seeing my tweet. Most re-tweets and likes ever! Thanks to Missy, I received my own personal D-B popcorn bowl.
  5. Our church brought in nationally known comedian Ken Davis to the MMN school. Huge event. I was Ken’s personal body guard while he was in Madison. Funny guy!
  6. I turned 60 years old. Still can’t believe that.
  7. Covering state volleyball and football with the Minneota Vikings and their fans. Football team won a state championship at US Bank stadium. That was my first time in the new stadium. Volleyball team was state runner-up. Memories made!
  8. I’m on the Pioneer Public Television board of directors. I enjoy being on that board, some exciting things happening at Pioneer tv. The move into our new television station in Granite Falls. We have been having many meetings this year.
  9. Attending Bart Hills induction into the Minnesota Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Fame in the cites. Honored to know and work with Bart. Well-deserved and a fun night.
  10. I really enjoy covering seven county fairs for the radio station. Each county fair is unique and so much fun. Pie judging is my favorite at the Swift County fair in Appleton.
  11. The Tracy/Milroy/Balaton vs Minneota section volleyball championship match. Wow, the wildest and loudest volleyball match I ever was a part of. Minneota pulling off the upset in five sets to go to state. Very emotional moment for both teams and fans.
  12. Raymo Cup 2017 was a memorable one. Being with my brothers, sons, nephews and other relatives golfing for the weekend. Fun times.
  13. Section Cross Country in Madison, both LQPV/D-B teams punched their way to the state cross country meet.
  14. State golf at Pebble Creek in Becker. LQPV boys finished in 2nd place. Area individuals did great also.
  15. Family trip to Hawaii for my daughter’s wedding. A trip of a lifetime. So many family members made the trip. The wedding was amazing. Hawaii is amazing.
  16. First ever state junior legion baseball tournament. Madison Jr. Legion/VFW team made it to state. Exciting baseball in Olivia. My son Brandon was in charge of the state tournament.
  17. Watched the eclipse and was terribly disappointed. Didn’t even notice it much in Madison.
  18. Second place in the community Christmas baking contest. I won with my sugar cookies.
  19. Miss Appleton program in September. I am on the committee and always a fun full day. I’m in charge of finding judges and being with them all day. Program is always stressful but fun. Congrats to Miss Appleton Laura Baldwin
  20. Being a part of the Appleton Chamber of Commerce and the many actives that the chamber is involved in.
  21. Fourth of July with my family. Spending the day in Madison watching the parade and fireworks.
  22. Went to Wichita Kansas to watch my grandson play in a basketball tournament. Beautiful facilities and a fun few days watching him and spending time with family.
  23. Attended a number of weddings and experienced one wedding that had a Christmas theme in the summer. Which I thought was really cool. Santa even showed up!
  24. Cheering on JD Struxness at the NFR in Las Vegas on tv and interviewing JD in the studio the next week. He’s a celebrity!!
  25. I grew my hair out. It was longer than when I was in high school. I had to cut it for my daughter’s wedding! It was a midlife crisis I was told.

That’s it, top 25! 

However, not everything went well. My daughter in law, Jen and my sister, Susie were diagnosed with breast cancer. Can’t stop thinking about them. I am struggling with not knowing what to say or do. It’s been very difficult for them and their families. Praying 2018 is better.

Goodbye 2017!!


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