When December comes around each year you can count on two things happening in the Raymo house on the weekends. The making of Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies. I should explain the movies, basically just four Christmas movies that we watch over and over again. “Christmas Vacation”, “Elf”, “Christmas with the Kranks” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I should also explain the cookies, basically … Continue reading CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND MOVIES


Have you heard of these names recently, Isaiah Tuckett and Austin Buysse? If you haven’t then you are not on social media very much or watch television. These two guys have blown up the internet and are having their time in the spotlight worldwide. Their faces, names and story have traveled around the world thanks to social media, TV, print media and websites. For those … Continue reading CUPCAKES, BEER AND GOD


Thursday is Thanksgiving and it will be time to sit down and devour the traditional thanksgiving meal. My wife and I had a lengthy discussion the other night about what is a traditional  Thanksgiving meal. We both grew up with our mothers serving different food items at Thanksgiving. Of course along with the Turkey and mashed potatoes, the side dishes that our mothers served were different. My … Continue reading THANKSGIVING MEAL