Why is the citrus soda, Sundrop so well liked? Many people love to drink Sundrop, including my wife. People go crazy over this citrus soda! There is a homecoming tradition at Lac qui Parle Valley High School each year, where the Appleton and Madison Chambers of Commerce distribute only Sundrop to the students during Friday’s activities. Not once while handing out Sundrop to the students … Continue reading SUNDROP


Serving up some outstanding snacks has become a tradition in many households on Super Bowl Sunday. Before, during and after the game the buffet of snacks can be amazing. Americans love their food! Over the years I have been to many Super Bowl gatherings with friends and families. I have some favorite snacks I would like to write about. The best Super Bowl get together … Continue reading SUPER BOWL SNACKS ROCK!


When December comes around each year you can count on two things happening in the Raymo house on the weekends. The making of Christmas cookies and watching Christmas movies. I should explain the movies, basically just four Christmas movies that we watch over and over again. “Christmas Vacation”, “Elf”, “Christmas with the Kranks” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I should also explain the cookies, basically … Continue reading CHRISTMAS COOKIES AND MOVIES