Working in radio I usually attend the same events year after year and meet and interview the same people. I also take pictures and selfies with the same people.

This past weekend I covered the Canby Ice Fishing Classic on Del Clark Lake. Once again I talked with Casey Namken and Dave Verhelst on the radio. I also took selfies with them. I interviewed Ryson and Jadyn Schmidt and took our annual picture.

Covering high school sports, I started a tradition a while back of taking pictures of athletes when they were young and following them through their senior year. My cousin Taylor Shelstad is an example. Taylor and I always meet each year on a cross country course. Taylor is a very good runner and was running varsity in 7th grade, so each year we snapped a picture.

If I remember correctly this every year picture with the same person at the same event started with Lac qui Parle Valley golfer Rachel Halvorson she participated in the state golf tournament as a 7th grader through her senior year. She placed at state golf each year including a state championship at Pebble Creek in Becker.

Cousins Kelsea Lund and Haley Wollschlager were always my halftime guests during a LQPV boys basketball game before Christmas.

Ken Franzky every year at state dance.

Theresa Bly every year at the Steve Bly Memorial Run/Walk. Also a picture every year with my nieces

Here are some other pictures I have taken with people I meet at the same events every year.

Mya Pesek at the Yellow Medicine County fair.

Austin Buysse Minneota quarterback and later broadcasting with me.

Bartuneks in the KLQP radio booth at the Lac qui Parle County Fair.

Swift County Fair Ribfest with Dale, Dick and Pat. We have taken a picture every year.

I have many more to share, maybe do that on a later blog/post.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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