My favorite part of the week is Sunday afternoons watching the Minnesota Vikings on tv. During football season I have the same routine every Sunday.

I have been a Minnesota Vikings fan since I can remember. My dad and my uncle Mike were huge Vikings fans and it rubbed off on me. My earliest recollection of the Vikings is 1968. I was 11 years old and watching the first ever playoff game for the Vikings on my small black and white television in my upstairs bedroom in New Ulm. They lost to the Baltimore Colts in Baltimore. I remember laying on my bed crying after that. I wanted them to win so bad! 1969 was the first Super Bowl for the Vikings and I remember being so happy when they beat the Los Angles Rams and Cleveland Browns to make it to the Super Bowl. My favorite Vikings were Carl Eller, Bill Boom Boom Brown, Joe Kapp, Paul Krause and Alan Page. It was a fun era of Vikings football.

Now as a 65 year old Vikings fan, I enjoy sitting in my favorite recliner watching the Vikes on my TV. My routine in the fall and winter is always the same on Sundays. Wake up, go to church or work every other Sunday. Our service at Calvary Baptist Church usually gets out around 11:45-12. I get home at noon just in time to turn on the television for kickoff at noon. I then turn down the TV volume and insert my ear buds and listen to the Vikings radio play by play on my phone. Then I pause the television to get one play behind the radio. I listen to Paul Allen call the play on radio, then when the play is over on the radio, I watch the play on tv that I just listened to. That way I know what the play is going to be on television. I really enjoy that. If the Vikings score a touchdown on the radio, I always scream and cheer and tell my wife to watch the TV, you’re going to see the Vikes score a touchdown!!

I also forgot to mention that part of my routine is popping popcorn at halftime of the game. I am in heaven, watching the Vikings from my favorite chair, eating popcorn and listening to Paul Allen on the radio. It’s my favorite happy place. I love listening to Paul Allen and Pete Bercich call the game, they are the best football broadcasters. I know some people don’t like Paul Allen’s style, but I do.

I enjoy watching any football, high school, college and pro. But, Sundays are for professional football and cheering on the Vikings win or lose!

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