My boss Maynard Meyer was in Florida this week with his family. That meant I filled in working the morning shift at the radio station.

We were in a Winter Storm Warning Tuesday and Wednesday. My driveway was blown shut both days and I had to be to work at 5:30am. Wednesday I walked to the radio station because of the bad weather. It was a difficult walk. Trudging through the snow and making my way towards Madison’s main street. It was 5am, pitch dark and lots of snow. Madison’s city crew had been out since 4am clearing the streets. As I approached main street I noticed the plows had already started clearing it, but left a large windrow in the middle of the street yet to be cleared. I was at the intersection of the banks in the middle of main street.

I was the only person around that early in the morning. I only had one more block to walk to get to work. The large windrow of snow was a barrier in front of me. I stood in the middle of main street trying to figure out how to get over it. I looked to my left and the windrow went all the way to highway 40, I looked to my right and it went all the way to the courthouse. There was no opening. I’m 65 years old and wasn’t sure if I could get over this snow pile. I debated if I should walk down to highway 40 then over to the radio station, but that’s a long way.

So, I decided to take a few steps back and take a run at it and launch myself on top of the windrow and try to roll over it. I was nervous because I didn’t know if I could make it, plus I had two coats on and wasn’t sure I could get up if I fell down. I threw myself on top of the snow pile and safely made it, now I rolled over and fell to the other side! Luckily I made it to my feet and was so proud of myself that I did it! I was covered in snow and brushed myself off and looked around making sure nobody saw me.

It had to look hilarious. I wish I would have had my cell phone out recording it. I walked the last block and made it to work by 530. It was a tough week of winter weather. Sitting in the studio all week working the morning shift and looking out our large picture window I watched our city crew do a fantastic job of cleaning up the streets. They put in long hours and do a great job! I’m just glad they didn’t see me playing in the snow on main street.


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