I love my family. I sometimes wish we all lived in a monstrous house big enough for all of us. Each family would have their own wing. Something like the living accommodations at the White House. Our kids and their spouses and all our grandchildren and a couple of dogs. We all would eat together at the same times each day for meals and everyone would be present. All of us, all the time!

I know some of you are thinking that Paul is crazy and not thinking things through. Most families couldn’t do what I was just suggesting, including mine. Sitting around our living room Saturday night and celebrating Christmas Eve that thought went through my mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived together! I get along with everyone in my family. I love my adult children, I love my daughter-in laws, my son-in-law, my grandchildren and I even love the two dogs in our family Kona and Izzy. I just Facetimed with my son Jeremy and his family in Wichita, Kansas and enjoyed talking to Izzy their dog. She has been around a long time and I miss playing with her.

Watching everyone playing games around our dining room table and listening to all the laughter and teasing. It’s just heart warming. Our granddaughter Adelyn read the Christmas story from her Bible, the other grandchildren read some Christmas stories as well. Of course we have lots of food on the table and snacks, along with watching football on tv. Everyone cheering on the Vikings and watching them win another close game. It’s just a great family time and I really enjoy it. So, why can’t we do this all the time? That got me thinking about living all under one roof! I’m not sure what my wife and kids and in laws would think about that, probably not going to happen. I wish I would have brought the topic up for discussion Saturday night. That would have been a fun discussion. My grandchildren probably would disown me.

Sunday morning a high school classmate posted on Facebook a saying that her 87 year old mother said yesterday during their family gathering and I thought is was brilliant “One of the most wonderful things in life is a sense of belonging…to belong to a loyal & affectionate family”. Not everyone has this, so cherish it. Sometimes we take it for granted. I have been blessed to be part of a family.

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