This is going to be a very personal blog about me. I was quarantined for five days this week because I tested positive for Covid. My wife tested me twice at home and both times it came back positive. I was really upset knowing that I would need to quarantine again. I have had Covid before and since then have had all my shots. I asked my wife “So what’s the process now with Covid?” We both weren’t sure what to do.

What surprised me the most this week was while talking on the phone with my family, friends, co workers and clients everyone had a strong opinion on how to handle Covid this time around. I was so confused. Of course I took my doctor’s recommendations and followed them. I had people tell me things like, Why did you test yourself? Or, treat it like a cold now! Just go to work, don’t tell anyone you have Covid. Or do this or do that, take this or take that medicine. Lots of ideas from people. It amazes me how strong people’s opinions are with Covid and how to deal with it. I appreciate it, but I will follow what my doctor tells me.

One thing I do know for sure was that I was really sick this time. The first time I had Covid wasn’t fun either and for the most part it was respiratory, this time it was more gastrointestinal. The week before I had been doing many events around the area and had contact with many people. My question is always “how did I catch this virus?” I’ll never know for sure. I had written a blog about how I am a germophobic, I think I wash my hands more often than most people. I carry wipes and hand sanitizers in my car. So it always surprises me when I don’t feel well. This time it felt like I had a severe case of the flu. It hasn’t been a fun week at home.

65th birhtday

Then on Thursday I was feeling much better and my wife Roxie tested positive. She seemed to just have a mild cold. She had been feeling well and testing negative all week until Thursday night. I felt bad for her. This was her first time having Covid. Saturday was my 65th birthday and our plans were to go out and celebrate with family. Instead we both sat home and did absolutely nothing. I guess you can do that sometimes. I pray this is the last time we get Covid.

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2 thoughts on “SO CONFUSED

  1. Congrats Paul……no wonder you weren’t in office when I dropped off cookies!! Sorry to hear about recurring COVID. Hard when you’r used t being super busy!!

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  2. Sorry you got hit so hard. I’m home with it now – my 1st “official” time [though we’re pretty sure I had it way back before they started testing at the very beginning]. I was in the cities for a show my nephew was co-directing and two days later I felt like I was hit by a truck, and then once more for GP. My body ached, my head hurt, and I couldn’t stop coughing. I tested and was negative. Two days later my niece, who I had been in contact with, tested positive. I tested again. Still negative. I’m disabled and need some assistance. My sister had been over all week. She came over Friday and looked like death. I sent her home. She took a home test and tested positive. I took another home test after she did and mine was then positive as well. Between my lungs, headache, and GI stuff, I wouldn’t wish this on anyone! Anyone who thinks Covid isn’t real – I hope they never have to go through this. Hope you and Roxie are on the mend!!

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