This past Monday we launched a new website at KLQP radio. It was like Christmas in July for me I was so excited. The new look is amazing and fun to navigate.

What do you think about websites? Do you visit websites often? Do you go to websites to find information? Do you go to websites to buy something? These are some of the questions that went through my mind while we were working on the website. Why do people go to them? I think the main reason is to find information. So when we were working on ours we wanted to make sure we had the basic information for our listening area. Just to name a few, our contact information, like a phone number, local news, weather, obituaries, high school sports scores and a connection to the local communities and schools we serve. There are so many things to think about when putting together a website. It bothers me when I am on a website and the information is not current, or if the home page is cluttered with a bunch of stuff and it’s hard to navigate. and you can’t find what you are looking for.

For one week I was tracking how many websites I visited on my computer at work and on my phone. I gave up trying to keep count to be honest. I surprised myself at how many times I searched a website. I usually search a business website for a phone number or hours of operation. Searching websites is part of my job at the radio station. I will give you a few examples. A listener called one morning and asked what the hours of the Appleton swimming pool were? I was sitting at my desk, so I went on the Appleton City website and found the hours. One listener called and asked what the phone number was for a business. I went to the business website and gave it to her. Now you may ask why don’t the people that called search the website themselves? Good question, but what I like more is that they are thinking about calling the radio station to find the answer. They know KLQP will have the answer. We are the center for getting information. When I first started working at the radio station that was one thing that hit me hard, I need to know what is going on in our area and have the information ready.

We hired Brittany Haugen of Tech Yes Integrations to develop the new website. We all enjoyed working with Brittany and she did a fantastic job with the development. She was very professional and was always available when we had questions. It was an ongoing process, you don’t do this overnight. It took a few months to put things together. As with everything, once you get it up and running it takes some time to work the bugs out. Brittany has been amazing with answering all of our questions and suggestions. Brittany spent time with us showing us how to add and subtract things off the website so we can keep things updated. Brittany worked with me on our sports page and what I wanted on it. It was really fun developing my sports page. We are so pleased with how things worked out. Give Tech Yes Integrations a call to build your website.

Check out we would love your feedback. Let us know what you think. Suggestions on improving the website are welcome as well. KLQP radio is here to serve you.

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