Friday evening I went to bed earlier than I usually do. Just before laying down I posted on Facebook asking my Facebook friends to comment on what high school they graduated from and what year. I checked the post the next morning and just about had a heart attack at how many of my friends responded. Over 400 told me where and when they graduated from high school!

I had a lot on my mind when I woke up Saturday morning work, section sports, graduations, a family get together, and so many things to do around the house. With so many things to do Saturday I found myself stuck looking at my phone most of the morning reading where and what year they graduated. It was so interesting. It was a spur of the moment post Friday night. Something so simple, yet the response was overwhelming to me. With graduations happening around the area something popped into my mind, I wonder where all my friends on Facebook graduated from.


I read every response and to be honest I was amazed at all the different schools listed and the range of years graduated. My oldest friend graduated in 1947 and youngest 2021. I also was a bit shocked at some of my friends that I know really well, to see they graduated from high schools far away from Madison. Two friends graduated from New Richland High School and that is where my mom and dad graduated from. I was so surprised to find that out. A few friends graduated from South Dakota high schools and I didn’t know that. I was looking for the friend that graduated the farthest away, and it looks like the state of Washington was the winner. Another surprise was how many friends graduated from schools that know longer exist. I have a good number of friends that graduated from Milan.

A common year was 1999! Many of my high school classmates are friends of mine on Facebook, we graduated from Madison High School in 1976. My Dawson, Canby and Minneota friends were well represented in the post. A couple of friends graduated from Iowa schools including some of my family members. I should insert a Iowa joke here! “What’s the best thing to come out of Iowa?” I-35

I think that was one of the best posts I have ever done. What is funny about that is I did it while sitting on my bed before going to sleep and waking up with over 400 responses! At the moment I published this blog over 550 responded. Crazy!

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