I have some short stories to share with you. Experiences I had during the week. Some stories are funny, some are sad and some are just part of living your daily life. Here we go!

I took a drive around the countryside and was shocked to see how much damage was done to farm sites from the wind storm on Thursday May 12th. I drove from Madison to Appleton on Monday and took the back roads. The devastation was evident with debris scattered in the fields everywhere. When something like this happens it really puts a stop to your normal routine. I just had a big branch fall in my backyard and had some water in my basement which is minor compared to some friends of mine. Some farm sites are a total loss. It is amazing to me that nobody was injured in our area during the storm.

Madison Memorial baseball field took a big hit. I played many games on the field as a young man, as did my sons. I have broadcasted hundreds of games over the years on Q-92. It’s a special place to a lot of us. My friend Bart Hill who is the head baseball coach at Lac qui Parle Valley has worked thousand of hours on that field over the years. It’s like another child to him. He takes great pride in the appearance and condition of the field. This week I contacted some of the statewide media to see if they could help get the word out about raising funds to rebuild the field. A GoFundme was set up. Please help in anyway you are able. Click on the link below to donate.


I was over in Dawson on Thursday broadcasting the Blackjacks and Eagles softball game. LQPV came into the game 16 wins and two losses. The Blackjacks had 2 wins so far this year. Both games were close with the Eagles winning both but I was proud of how the Dawson/Boyd girls played the Eagles. I had some excitement in the press box. Scotty Ireland was doing the PA next to me and we had wasps flying around. I hate wasps and bees! Scotty found a very old can of wasp spray laying on the floor and it still worked. He sprayed the heck out of the wasps and I think he killed every one. We had a good laugh, but I was pretty nervous about getting stung. Makaylee Wente a Blackjack softball player was injured and on crutches, she was playing the music between innings from her cell phone sitting on the bench! There was a big speaker sitting on the roof of the press box blaring out some great songs. During the game I kept giving her the thumbs up because I loved the tunes she was playing.

Also, this week my granddaughter Adelyn was cleared by her doctor to play sports again. Adelyn had knee surgery last summer and had to sit out the volleyball and basketball season. She is a 8th grader and plays for the Montevideo Thunder Hawks. They were over in Dawson playing a game this week and she had the biggest smile on her face playing her first game back.


Our friends Dan and Cheri Tuckett invited us to go with them to the Country Road Barn just outside of Watertown. They have the best brisket, ribs and pulled pork. It’s a huge beautiful building out in the country. I think it was built for wedding receptions and family gatherings. Love that place.

I went over to Canby twice on Friday. First for Food Wagon Friday at Jim’s Market at noon. I do a live broadcast with Brian McKeen the general manager and whoever the person is representing the non profit who the proceeds go to. I always look forward to Food Wagon Fridays. Nathan’s Hot Dogs are the best. Then in the evening I went back to broadcast the Canby Graduation Commencement Ceremony. We started broadcasting graduation ceremonies during the pandemic and Dr. Slaba wanted to continue that. I set up the radio equipment next to the stage and the broadcast was going well until someone accidently unplugged me from the outlet. I was off the air for a couple of minutes and got back on quickly.

I thought the Lunar Eclipse was pretty cool. It was a very clear night and the moon was huge. I sat on my front porch and took some pictures and enjoyed the moment.

It was an eventful week and now I’m looking forward to section sports this week and Memorial Weekend with my family.


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