April is just about over and the LQPV softball team hasn’t played a game yet. I think they have been practicing since March 14th! That is 6 weeks of practice and no games! That has got to be tough. The weather conditions for spring sports this year has been horrendous.

Discussion on Twitter has been to move some of the spring sports like golf to the fall because of better weather conditions. It seems like we fight this every year, but this year seems worse than ever. Usually it is because we still have snow on the ground in early April or we get a snowstorm. This year we have no snow but it has been the cold temperatures and wind. We have had way below temps. The average temp this time of year is in the 60’s, we have been in the 30’s and below most of the month. The north half of the state of Minnesota still has snow, some areas have over a foot on the ground. I’m guessing schools in northern Minnesota will lose out on most of their games this spring.

Last Monday the LQPV baseball team played Maccray in the cold, it wasn’t pleasant but they got the game in. Last Tuesday the Dawson/Boyd softball team got a double header in with RCW/BOLD in Dawson. I was broadcasting from a picnic table next to the Blackjack bench. The first game the temps were in the high 40’s and it was pretty pleasant. I was surprised how nice it was. The second game started and the temps dropped fast. At the end of the game I was extremely cold! My fingers were froze and I could hardly write in my scorebook. I couldn’t wait to get in my car. When I got home, my wife asked why I hadn’t brought my winter coat. I said I didn’t think I would need it.

I don’t know how the golf teams and tennis teams are getting in their meets. It has to be terrible conditions on the golf course. The wind is another issue. Not sure how the tennis players can play in 30 to 40 mph winds. I know the LQPV/D/B track team just got their first meet in. The Canby/Minneota track teams have gotten a couple of meets in already. This coming week doesn’t look any better for warmer temperatures. May is going to be full of games and meets everyday till section play starts.

I don’t know what the solution to this problem is. Some Aprils it is sunny and warm, the farmers are in the field planting and games are being played. But, not this April. I would not want to be an activities director when April is like this. So when you see an AD, give them a big thanks for what they are doing.

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