Friday and Saturday I spent the afternoons on Del Clark Lake outside of Canby for the 4th Annual Canby Classic Ice Fishing Tournament. I don’t even ice fish but enjoyed being there and broadcasting for KLQP

Canby Sportsman’s Club and the Canby Fire Relief Association sponsor the fishing tournament and what a great job they do! Friday as I entered the park and was driving toward the lake I could see how many fish houses there were on Del Clark Lake. It was an amazing site. I slowed my car down just to take in the view. Del Clark Lake is a relatively small man made lake, so it looked full with houses, pickups and ATV’s.

Casey and Dave

I set up my radio broadcasting equipment in the weigh in fish house. Dave Verhelst and Casey Namkin who basically run the tournament joined me on the air a number of times from inside the fish house. We had some good laughs. During one of the broadcasts I accidentally spilled my Diet Mountain Dew on the couch. Dave and Casey teased me quite a bit while Ryan Schmitt quickly and desperately was cleaning it up. It made for good radio. Evan Krause was sitting at the table with his lap top keeping the website current while the fish were coming in to be weighed and measured. Saturday Evans fiancé was with him and he was wondering if I could broadcast his wedding coming up in August. I told him I could and it would be a 1st for KLQP.

Ryson and Jaydn Schmitt

Saturday was a beautiful day for January. Temps were in the 30’s and that brought out a lot of people for the 2 hour tournament. Holes were drilled and the tournament started at 1pm. 320 people were registered. I decided to walk around and interview people fishing. I first came across Ryson and Jadyn Schmitt. Ryson has an amazing personality for a 7 year old. As Ryson sat next to his fishing hole sitting on a bucket fishing I interviewed him and he told me he was going to catch a gigantic walleye! Later in the fish house he wanted to show me that he could kiss a fish which he did! Crazy kid! Jadyn was a fun interview as well even though she didn’t want to talk on the radio.

Griff Kranz

I noticed on the leader board that Madison’s Griffin Kranz was the leader for largest perch during the 24 hour tournament! I went looking for him and found him fishing in the 2 hour tournament. Griff agreed to do an interview so we went inside the fish house because the wind had picked up a bit. While talking to Griff on the radio you could tell he was really having a fun time fishing and being with his family. He was excited to be in 1st place at the time and was hoping with two hours left in the 24 hour tournament that he could stay in 1st place. His perch turned out to be the biggest caught during the tournament.

My hats off to all the Canby firefighters and the Canby Sportsman’s Club for all their hard work in putting on one of the finest ice fishing tournaments around. 328 houses were on the ice, with 760 people fishing in the 24 hour tournament. The number of prizes and sponsors were incredible. I can’t wait until next year.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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