Lot’s of interesting things happened this week. Here are my thoughts on the interesting things

Friday, Saturday and Sunday it snowed a inch or two each day! Which makes shoveling my sidewalk and driveway a pain in the butt. I was trying to decide if I should shovel each day or wait till Sunday. I decided to wait till Sunday to snowblow, and that was a smart decision.

Saturday NFL football games were fun to watch. I love the NFL playoffs. Watching Green Bay lose Saturday was very satisfying. I am not an Aaron Rogers fan. It’s the way they lost. Special teams made big plays for San Francisco. The blocked punt and scoop and score was my favorite play.


I watched Dawson-Boyd girl’s basketball player, Kate Dahl, hit a half court shot to end the 1st half Thursday in the game against Lakeview. I got a little excited on the radio. Watching full court or half court shots in basketball is always fun to watch because you’re just throwing the ball up hoping it goes in the basket. When it happens to end the game it’s always a memorable event.

I was in my car at a stop light this week when I saw a man walking his dog on the sidewalk. When suddenly he slipped on the ice and fell down. I laughed, then immediately felt guilty for laughing. He had his dog on a leash and his dog was hovering over him as if he was really concerned for his owner. I was about to get out of my car to see if he was alright when he got up slowly and continued on his walk.

I started doing intermittent fasting and I am really liking it a lot. I feel so much better and hopefully I can continue this. I have some friends that fast and I have done my research on it and it all makes sense to me. I am working with a nutritionist in my quest to lose some weight and feel better. So far so good.

Thanks to Neon Needles in Dawson I get to hand out a Player of the Game t-shirt when I broadcast a game. I always enjoy telling the athlete that I picked them as POG and watch the big smile on their face as I give them there shirt and take their picture, it’s very rewarding. I’ll post some pictures and look at those smiles.

I’ve had the chance to visit with Mary Thielke at the radio station. Mary lost all of her possessions in a house fire last month. The radio station has been the drop off point for people to help her get back on her feet with material things and money. I have witnessed first hand the generosity of people in our community. Its actually overwhelming. Lot’s of good people with big hearts. So nice to see and Mary is so thankful and overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and help.

That is a few of my happenings and thoughts. Life is Good! God Bless and enjoy your week.

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