As I was dishing up my Thanksgiving meal I covered most of my plate with the squash/apple bake my wife makes. That is my go to food at Thanksgiving.

I enjoy looking on social media at all the different kinds of food families serve at Thanksgiving. Our Thanksgiving meals is usually the same foods year after year. That’s okay with me. I look forward to it each year. I think it’s safe to say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I say that because I think it’s important to reflect and thank God about the blessings he has given us. It’s all about family and being together, having fun and eating delicious food. I have always enjoyed getting up in the morning and watching the Thanksgiving Day parade on tv.

My plate at Thanksgiving

All week, I had been asking people what they serve on Thanksgiving and what their favorite foods are. It’s amazing to hear what family traditions are and all the different kinds of food that people serve on Thanksgiving. Let me share a few. Someone said they look forward to baking and eating green olives, which is an appetizer. I had never heard that one before. Mac and Cheese was served on another family table during Thanksgiving. Prime rib instead of turkey another person told me. This past Thursday family members brought over different kinds of wines and I bought some Boones Farm wine just for old times sake. When I was in high school Boones Farm was .79 a bottle, now it’s $4.75. Everyone chose a higher quality wine after dinner.

This is what was on the Thanksgiving table at the Raymos. Turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, squash/apple bake, stuffing, lots of fruit, buns and of course a number of different pies, apple, pumpkin, pecan, french silk. It seems like that is what kinds of food we have on our table each year for Thanksgiving. We enjoy being together as a family during Thanksgiving.

Tony Ourada - State Farm ad

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