I don’t know what you think of high school reunions, but I like them.

I heard a high school classmate say to another ” I haven’t seen you in over forty years” and another say ” You haven’t changed at all since high school” that’s the kind of conversations that went on during our class reunion Saturday night. I like to visit with classmates that I considered good friends in high school, but for whatever reason we just haven’t kept in contact with each other over the years. At a class reunion you get that chance to catch up.

We celebrated graduating from Madison High School 45 years ago. 45 years ago doesn’t seem possible. I still feel young. We were a close class of about 90 students. Saturday night there was the usual conversations at class reunions of “remember when” and then loud laughter. Talking about teachers we had and what we liked or didn’t like about them. It was fun to see Dick Newman our Phy Ed and Health teacher crash our reunion.

Saturday night at the Madison VFW we sang happy birthday to Emily Hansen who cooked our meal and worked so hard in the kitchen. It was a great buffet of food. There was a memorial table for the four classmates we have lost over the years. Three to cancer and one to a car accident our senior year. We played trivia from 1975-76. I got who won the World Series in 1976? Everyone looked to me for the answer and I shouted the Cincinnati Reds! Everyone was impressed, but later in the trivia game I got caught googling the answer!

One thing I’m proud of is I married my high school sweetheart. I thinks it’s really odd that doesn’t happen more often. I always feel sorry for spouses at class reunions because for the most part they don’t know anyone. Actually, last night a number of classmates came alone without their spouses. Another thing I have noticed about attending class reunions over the years is you’re not trying to impress your classmates anymore. It seems as if at the 5 and 10 year reunions you want everyone to know how successful you have become since graduating. Last night at our 45th reunion everyone was just so happy to see everyone and we’re at that age where we don’t need to impress anyone anymore.

I really love each of my classmates. Each one is special to me. There are a good number that live in Madison and I see them often which is nice. I can’t wait till our 50th!!

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3 thoughts on “CLASS REUNION

  1. In terms of background my name is John Behrens and I am a 1965 Appleton grad. I played football and wrestled for the Aces.
    I stumbled across your “ramblings” while I was searching for information concerning the death of Bill Beck. I received a text this morning from a class mate who indicated he saw an announcement on Facebook that Bill had died. So the two of us, along with two other former Appleton football players, have been trying find funeral information, etc.

    Any information that you could provide would be appreciated. Thanks.


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