If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you know how much I enjoy being at county fairs. Sitting in the Q-92 booth at the Swift County Fair in Appleton this past week, I get to visit with a lot of people.

I guess being on the radio all the time qualifies you as a public figure. So, when I’m approached at the fair by people I don’t know but they know my name and talk to me like we know each other it can be uncomfortable for me. Fortunately for me, most of the people I know. I appreciate my listening audience and all their comments about KLQP radio. That’s what makes working in the fair booth fun hearing people say nice things about the radio station.

Another fair fun event is the Pie Baking Contest. I was asked to be a judge again this year. The fair board must value my opinion on county pies since I get asked just about every year to judge them. I will admit pie bakers in Swift County take this very serious. People ask me how do you judge pies? Judging criteria involves a few categories, including appearance, consistency of filling, bottom crust, top crust, and taste. All the pies I tasted were amazing. When I looked at the peach pie and tasted it I immediately looked at the other judge as she was tasting it and we both said “wow” at the same time. Bev from Benson was the overall winner with her peach pie. I love pie judging and I think I’m pretty good at it

My favorite event at the fair is Saturday afternoons Ribfest! It is organized so well by the fairboard. For $20 you get 10 ribs. You go from tent to tent trying the different ribs. Then you vote at the end. Each year it gets bigger and bigger. The crowd Saturday was one of the biggest ever. The weather was cool and the ribs were great. Each year some friends of mine get together to take a picture at Ribfest. It’s a tradition now, this was our fifth year of taking a picture at Ribfest together.

I have one fair left to attend and that’s the Lac qui Parle County Fair. That will be my 5th fair of the summer. Each fair I have a malt a day from the dairy wagon. I’m looking forward to continuing that tradition at the Lac qui Parle Fair.

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