On Friday Theresa and Stephanie Bly came to the radio station to visit with Maynard and me about Sunday’s Steve Bly Memorial Fun Run/Walk. We usually set up the speakers and play some music and MC the event. When they were about to leave Theresa handed me a picture she wanted me to have. It was a picture of me interviewing her son Steve at a Cross Country meet in Appleton. I will cherish that picture forever!

Steve Bly was a 16 year old with a big personality! I looked at that picture most of the afternoon, thinking about what Steve might be doing today had he not been killed in a car accident. He sure was a fun kid to be around. I really enjoyed interviewing him after cross country meets. Steve was a good cross country runner and he loved the sport. He worked hard at it.

His freshman year he was named LQPV athlete of the week and at the end of the season was voted rookie of the year! His sophomore year he made all conference and was voted MVP of the team. What I remember about Steve was that he liked to be different, he didn’t like to do the normal things, all in a good way! It was fun to be around him.

I had just started covering cross country on the radio, not many radio stations cover the sport of cross country, if any do. But I feel those athletes work just as hard as the football or basketball players do and should be recognized. I remember interviewing Steve a couple of times, he always had a big smile when talking to you. He was a good interview. Usually when interviewing high school kids, you don’t get much out of them, but not Steve, he would talk up a storm and that makes for great radio! His comments were always interesting and you never knew what he was going to say, he had a great sense of humor!

Theresa Bly

For 19 years his mother and sister, along with the Bly family have been keeping his memory alive by having a Steve Bly Memorial Fun Run/Walk. The last Sunday of June was picked because Steve’s birthday is on the 29th. Over $52,000 of scholarships have been giving out to Lac qui Parle Valley Students. The last Sunday of June has been a gathering of family and friends and Steve’s classmates for 19 years. This past Sunday, Steve’s biological brother from Hawaii came and participated in the run.

Chloe Ludvigson and Dylan Nicholson

Theresa and Steph decided that this would be the last year of the fun run/walk. I am sure that was a difficult decision to make. Whenever I meet with a parent that has lost a son or daughter the biggest fear they have is that their child will be forgotten. I can tell you over the 19 years, there are thousands of Steve Bly t-shirts around. Whenever I see someone wearing their Steve Bly t-shirt I smile and remember Steve. Steve and his father Tom will never be forgotten.

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  1. Two things, Paul: (1) that Steve’s biological brother came from Hawaii to honor his memory; and (2) your comment ‘Whenever I meet with a parent that has lost a son or daughter the biggest fear they have is that their child will be forgotten.’ You understand the ‘forgotten fear’ which families feel, and you, as a listener and reporter, hear and honor that fear as you report. Your work will be remembered for it’s commitment and care.


  2. Paul, thank you for writing this. Steve was a great dude and you absolutely correct that he did everything his own way. Running with Steve guaranteed plenty of laughs. If you could keep up with him…


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