My son Brandon and his family are moving to a different house in Montevideo this weekend. I was asked if I wanted to take my granddaughter Adelyn to her Wildcat basketball games in the Cities at Eagan High School on Saturday.

So basically, I had to decide between helping Brandon and a few of his friends move extremely heavy furniture and loads of packed boxes and work hard on the hottest day of the year or spend time with my granddaughter and sit in an air conditioned gym watching her play basketball. I chose the latter! I picked Adelyn up at her new house around noon. We had a three hour drive ahead of us. Adelyn is currently in 7th grade and involved in the West Central Wildcat basketball program which operates out of Morris, Minnesota. Her team is 7th grade girls from different schools around the west central area that want to improve there basketball skills. They practice in Morris and play tournament games on the weekends mostly in the Cities. It’s a great program and many boys and girls over the years have benefited from being a Wildcat.

On our way to the Cities for basketball

We arrived at Eagan High School around 3:30, because of Covid there were restrictions at the event. You are allowed one wristband per student, I received two wristbands because someone wasn’t able to make it. My daughter Brianna lives in Minneapolis and so she was able to attend. The Eagan gym has four courts, we had to wait outside with many other teams until the teams before us were done using the four courts. They sanitized the chairs and courts after every game. You entered as a team with parents through the main entrance and after the game exited by another door. Masks were on at all times. They had staff members walking around telling people to put there masks up over their nose. I was just happy to have a front row seat to watch Adelyn play. She played three games, and we finished our last game around 8:30. Brianna and Adelyn and I took some pictures in the parking lot and headed home.

I told Adelyn that this is her day and she can pick where she wanted to eat. We hadn’t eaten since noon and it was around 9pm and we were pretty hungry. Adelyn said a pizza from a gas station would be good! I was thinking a drive thru or even a sit down meal at a nice restaurant on a Saturday night. She was adamant she wanted a pizza slice at a gas station! We stopped at a Holiday station in Norwood Young America, I looked around and couldn’t find a hot slice of pizza. I asked the guy working if he had pizza slices. He told me, you have to go down the road to Kwik Trip. So that is what we did. However, they didn’t have slices, they had a whole pizza that you baked onsite! It only took 5 minutes to bake it. We jumped in the car and headed home and devoured that pizza.

Got our pizza!!

I enjoy spending quality time with each grandchild of mine. As late as it was I thought Adelyn would be dog tired and she would fall asleep for the three hour drive home. Nope, she talked and talked to grandpa all the way home! We talked about everything. Love my life! I am blessed beyond measure.

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