I like to focus on positive, happy and fun times, instead of dwelling on the negative things happening all around me. Looking back on last week, I had a number of funny things happen to me and just thinking about them now, makes me smile. But lately, spending time on social media has me in a depression and I’m not smiling as much.

I love social media. I enjoy reading and seeing pictures of all my family and friends and interreacting with all of you. I use Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Tic Toc to communicate. I use these social media sites for my personal use and my business account for KLQP Sports. Lately however, I am getting tired of social media posts for a number of reasons. It use to be so much fun looking at posts on social media. It isn’t fun anymore, I’m struggling with social media. I never thought I would say that.

I really can’t tell you why I don’t like social media posts lately. I don’t know. It seems like their are more negative posts than positive posts. I blame politics, the covid pandemic, and the election results. I do my best to scroll past posts like this but it’s hard not to read what your friends are posting. Someone suggested to me that I get new friends, haha. I will always post fun and positive things.

Matt Monson, Tom Miller, Bart Hill and Darby Bjorgan

So, let’s talk about a few funny things I posted that put a smile on my face. Last week, I was at Lac qui Parle Valley High School for the football game. I was setting my radio equipment up to get ready to broadcast the game. I looked down on the field and I noticed these four guys dressed in prison uniforms! They were the guys that run the chains on the sidelines. It was Halloween the next day. I actually laughed out loud, and then took a number of pictures of them from the press box. I immediately posted it on Twitter. John Millea from the Minnesota High School League retweeted it right away and then it blew up with thousands of people seeing the picture and commenting. John talked about it on his podcast later in the week. The sports editor of the San Francisco Chronicle retweeted the picture of the chain gang. It was a fun and positive post.

Landon Kemen, Addison Larson and Camyrn Olesen

I haven’t posted these pictures yet on social media, but it’s American Education Week November 16th thru the 20th. I was over at Stevens Elementary in Dawson to interview three students about what they like about school. We will play those interviews next week. I was so impressed with all three of these students. 2nd grader Addison Larson was amazing to talk with. She wasn’t shy or scared to talk on the radio. She made me smile and laugh. She started to tell me she likes reading books and her favorite book is about cats. The rest of the interview was her telling me about all thirty of her cats and kittens she has at home. Thirty! It was so much fun talking to her about her kittens. I couldn’t see the smile on her face because she was wearing a mask, but I know she had a huge smile and so did I. Made my day.

I like to challenge my social media family and friends. I value our relationship, but please let’s keep our posts positive and fun. My social media posts will always be positive and fun. I will always focus on being positive. I will smile, I will be kind and I will have fun. That is what I choose. Be kind on social media. Please.

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